A Dozen Roses for Valentine’s Day and Other Very Special Occasions

A dozen roses says, “I love you!” to someone special on Valentine’s Day. A presentation bouquet of roses is also a wonderful way to congratulate Miss America, a prima ballerina after her big performance and – you guessed it – a Publishers Clearing House major prize winner.

Red roses are a classic expression of love, adoration and congratulations. This lovely, fragrant gift makes the recipient feel very special, which is exactly how we want all of our PCH winners to feel. After the initial rush of the winning moment is over, winners often get sentimental over the gorgeous bouquet. They are touched that we thought of everything and treated them like a queen or king.

We’ve heard the number most often associated with roses is one dozen, most likely due to the symbolism of the number twelve, representing perfection and completeness. There 12 months in a year, 12 hours on a clock and 12 signs of the zodiac, so this number is often used to represent a complete cycle. However, what the PCH Prize Patrol has found over the years of awarding prizes is that we need one-and-a-half dozen roses to make a presentation bouquet big enough to stand out next to the Big Check in the prize winner’s photo. Luckily, most local florists can handle this request when our prize award team stops to pick them up en route to the sweepstakes winner’s house.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a “virtual” one and a half dozen roses for you, along with a reminder that today is the last day you can enter for a chance to win our PCH Facebook $1000.00 Valentine’s Day Prize. The deadline is 11:59 pm ET tonight, 2/14/11, and the lucky winner will be announced tomorrow.

Dozen Roses

And speaking of tomorrow, that’s the contest entry deadline for the One Million Dollars A Year For Life SuperPrize! You can enter the sweepstakes online up until 11:59 pm ET on 2/15/11. Then, keep your fingers crossed that on SuperPrize Winner Announcement Day, February 28th, you’ll see this sight at your front door!

Prize Patrol with Dozen Roses

In that event, after you recover from the huge surprise of your winning moment, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses!

Deborah Holland PCHHappy Valentine’s Day and Good Luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

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  5. carla m Antee says:

    Bring The Red Roses

  6. Carla M Antee says:

    I would love the red roses

  7. Would like Yellow roses that a symbol of love and being from Texas that the theme song The Yellow rose of texas!!!!!!

  8. will like red roses

  9. I would like a white rose wish me luck on august 28th from pulbishers cleanse house sweepstakes my name argelio gonzalez from san juan texas # 3080

  10. Jaliesa says:

    I would like red roses if I win I would also like to donate money to hospital to h the children please let me be one of those lucking people…

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