PCHgames Online tournament – $1,000 Klondike Solitaire Cash Prize Event

You’re invited, PCH Blog readers, to an exciting online tournament featuring Klondike Solitaire Gold.  You see it being played everywhere – on coworker’s monitors, on people’s phones, or even being played on a giant HDTV.  That’s because it’s one of the most popular games in the world. Create stacks in descending order by dragging and dropping cards.  The goal of the game is to move cards of the same suit into the top four piles.  Never played before?  The best way to learn to play is to try it out.  And you couldn’t have better timing because today you could win cash just for playing. 

In today’s online tournament we’re giving out three cash prizes to the top three scorers: $1,000, $500, and $250.  The top 25 scorers will receive 1,000 bonus tokens and all players will receive 10x bonus tokens for each game played!  Don’t forget that you must register at PCHgames.com for your high scores to be considered for the cash prizes and to bank those hard earned tokens.  

Here are some tips that may give you an edge:

–          Always flip the first card from the deck before making any other moves.  It increases the initial number of possible moves

–          Always move an Ace or Deuce to the foundation whenever possible

–          Expose hidden cards.  If you have a choice of several moves that expose hidden cards, choose the column with the largest number of hidden cards.

–          The best move is one that provides you with opportunity to make other moves or expose cards. 

If you’re not already a solitaire lover, our version of this classic game will surely make this one of your new favorite games to play online.  Best of all, today only, you’ll have the opportunity to win cash for participating in our online tournament featuring this classic game.

Good Luck!

PCHgames Team

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138 thoughts on “PCHgames Online tournament – $1,000 Klondike Solitaire Cash Prize Event”

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