How is the PCH SuperPrize Winner Selected?

The PCH SuperPrize winner will be announced in just a few days and some folks are wondering how the winner is selected.

I’m Maryann Carter, Manager of the Publishers Clearing House Contest Department. You may recognize my name from some of the PCH Bulletins. I’m responsible for overseeing contest planning, processing and integrity, including the coordination of all sweepstakes drawings and prize awards. My staff is a specially trained group that registers the sweepstakes, keeps track of all the giveaway details, writes the Official Rules, issues processing instructions and makes sure the winners receive their prize awards in a timely fashion.

This past week has been incredibly busy for us because of all the winner selections going on. With random drawings for the 211 “Short List” DMA contest and an online-only $10,000 prize in Giveaway 1804, plus the Matching Winning Number Sneak Peek for Giveaway 1830, and a Matching Winning Number drawing for Giveaway 1831, 214 winners were selected!

In a random drawing, such as the 211 Short List and online-only $10,000 prize, the computer randomly selects a winner from among all eligible entries. Matching Winning Number drawings have a different winner selection process.

In preparation for a Matching Winning Number drawing such as the recent Sneak Peek for $1 Million A Year For Life, the Contest Department compiles the total participating universe of numbers for the giveaway and defines the eligible SuperPrize Number range for the Sneak Peek event, as well as all other promotional entry information pertaining to the giveaway. This information is distributed to an independent auditor, the PCH Board of Officials, our internal control department, prize award underwriters and the contest programmers in our PCH IT Department. This information is then loaded into the mainframe computer to run PCH’s Winning Number Generator Program. Once a winning number is randomly selected from the participating universe, we check to see if it’s from the Sneak Peek eligible range and if an eligible matching winning number was returned. If so, then we have a winner of the big SuperPrize! If not, then we go to a second chance random drawing to select a winner of a base prize, as advertised. In the case of this Giveaway 1830 drawing, a base prize of $1 Million was advertised.

Everyone involved in the prize drawings works very hard to ensure accuracy and security in how the winner is selected. Records are double- and triple-checked by many sets of eyes. When a PCH SuperPrize winner is finally determined, we all smile, because we know some lucky person’s life is about to be changed!

I’ve been in the PCH Contest Department for 16 years and I really enjoy my job. Even though it’s a lot of work, I still get a thrill every time I see the excitement on a new winner’s face when surprised by the Prize Patrol. My team and I know that we helped, from behind the scenes, to contribute to the happiness in each winning moment. With over $225 Million in prizes awarded since the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes began in 1967, that’s a lot of happiness!

Good luck to all of our PCH Blog readers and sweepstakes entrants!

Maryann Carter

Manager, PCH Contest Department

1,221 thoughts on “How is the PCH SuperPrize Winner Selected?”

  1. james Youngker says:

    I would like for there to be a definite “you have been entered” after I have made a search or any other type of entry.instead of rotating right back to the start not knowing if I have completed the requirement. I receive emails saying you will forfeit if you do not respond, even after I have made several entry’s. What dives here?. .

  2. LARRY HEFLIN says:

    I have called an ask how to find out were to look for my number for the 5,000.00 week prize number forfeiture look hints are not very good every were I could think off was told that when I searched it would lock in on it owen but I don’t believe it then you closed an I just don’t know were to look any more wish you could help

  3. Mike T. says:

    This is getting really old–the last three times the PCH “mega prize” has not been awarded “because the winning number was not returned.” Oh, really! Are we supposed to believe this just because Publishers Clearing House says so? This “sweepstakes” is a scam–you should be ashamed of yourselves!

  4. Dorothy Bradley-Shelton says:

    I received an email saying I had won the super prize sweepstakes! Is this real?

  5. Jerry Magby says:

    I appreciate yall giving me a chance to win, thanks for the info

  6. I have never been a gambler, never gone to a casino… but I would love to win for my family. While money does not bring happiness, it can bring joy to families who are hard working and seeing their efforts don’t pay for much or leave little to give to others in need.

  7. I’ve been with PCH for a very long time, been married twice and divorced twice have had three grown children and now grandchildren. I have alot to look forward too. Been dealing with a illness for awhile. Trying to over come it!! I want to win!!!

  8. Alex says:

    It must be an amazing experience to see the face of a winner. I’m sure they are experiencing a rush of all emotions and confusion, and then an overwhelming joy would radiate from the realization of their situation. Winning aside, I would love to be part of the notification team. #Bringingjoy!

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