Prize Patrol

Prize Patrol

353 thoughts on “Prize Patrol”

  1. beverly Davis says:

    Hoping and praying God blesses our family with much needed finances especially for my sons medical who’s I’llwith graves disease

  2. beverly Davis says:

    helping him and praying that God blesses my family with this huge blessing it would be such a saving to me my family and community my son is sick I need this

  3. dorothy king says:

    Heyprize patrol the new equipment is great can’t wait until I meet y’all guys so hurry up and come to my house in centre ala where we can make believers out of my whole family

  4. Arden Moline says:

    I’m here at Langdon,N.D. prize Patrol. Come see me!!

  5. Bobby Tackett says:

    Never thought I’d be able to change not only my life but I could change
    Some other peoples life but it’s a long shot god bless you all
    Bobby Tackett

  6. Good lick everyone.

  7. Latonya says:

    I pray every day and night for pch to come to alabama again

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