Prize Patrol

Prize Patrol

361 thoughts on “Prize Patrol”

  1. Deborah Jackson says:

    My Life Would Be Changed if I won $5,000.00 a Week For Life I would make the PCH front Paged I would be able to do all the things that I would like to do $5,000.00 a week sounds sweet . make my Dream come true .

  2. raenae says:

    May the lord bless our family with joy and happiness within…… So bring that patrol to my house Honolulu ,Hawaii 96819

  3. Everyone pray for the prize patrol a safe journey to wherever they go and back home and yes the weather is always nice hear I hope to see them soon!

  4. ken mackey says:

    kenneth mackey of danvers is really ready to win big at PCH

  5. Julian QSan says:

    Julian Q Sanchez

    July 29 2015

    Prize patrol , where have been???? Come on down the weather is great at 109 degrees .
    We can have swimming party to celebrate my winnings. Seriously, am praying that some of these days I will open our front and see your beautiful faces and big sign that says Julian Q Sanchez with several 0000000and a1or2in front of all those zeros.

    Thank you very much

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