Prize Patrol

Prize Patrol

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  1. Thanks pch for this chance to win you are all amazeing and im waiting and watching for ya ll to surprize one of us lucky folks winning would definitely. change our lifes in ways you couldn’t believe good luck has been along time needed

  2. Hoping my wish comes true this april the 30, got both fingers cross this time.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed to Be Set For Life, Good Luck Everyone and god Bless

  4. dorothy king says:

    Hoping for some good luck to help my family out so I’m eating to see if prize patrol will come to 200auburn st. In centre ala .thanks Dorothy king

  5. dorothy king says:

    Hi im dorothy king i live at200 auburn centre ala im one of the familys that is strugling from day to day wondering if i my family will surive if i won a lot of money i woud open a food bank and homeess shelter for peoplewho needed a place to stay then donate money to parkistone disease foundation after having a sister to die from it.have a granddaughter with autism spetrium to get treatment she needs also main thing buy a house for me and my family then next see what is wrong with my legs all the money would be a lot of help to see a neuroliggist when yyou cant afford insurane and inome too much. So hopefully thhe prize patrol could ome to my house in centre ala

  6. dorothy king says:

    Im praying for a big miracle to help me and y family out in arilmaye prrize patrol will pay a visit to centre ala great state of alabama football roll tide


  8. I pray that I am going to be a winner

  9. I need your help!
    I need to win. I can’t tell all about my hardships like others do!
    I need! I’ll make the best of winning and help others

  10. Barbara says:

    I just received some very bad news. And I am praying for a miracle and I also have been play all the pch games. I am struggling with bills and my son has a very back pain and had major surgery and now can’t work and facing hospital bills. I need a blessing . I am also disable and not able to work. This will help if the prize patrol one day stop at my home.

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