The Prize Patrol Is Getting Ready To Change Someone’s Life Forever!

The time has come for the Prize Patrol to get on the road and surprise our newest millionaire with that BIG PCH check!  The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner has been selected and now it’s time for the Prize Patrol to be dispatched.  But what exactly does that mean?  Well, I’d like to give you a special look into what it takes for the Prize Patrol to prepare for that life changing winning moment.

Step 1 – Book those flights! Since there is not much time from when the winner is selected to when we need to be on the road, our first priority is to book the flights to make sure we can get to the lucky sweepstakes winner.  Once our seats have been reserved (personally I try to get the window seat to see the beautiful views) it is time to plan transportation in the state we are arriving.

Step 2: Book the rental Prize Patrol Van! We have used all different brands/colors/size Prize Patrol Vans (even a Prize Patrol dog sled in Alaska!).  We only have a few criteria: GPS to find the winner’s house and of course the van has to be large enough to fit the Prize Patrol sign and that BIG check!

Step 3: Order the flowers! What kind of winning moment would it be if the Prize Patrol showed up at your door without those beautiful red roses?  The Prize Patrol researches what flower shops are close to the winner’s house.  The rest is simple, order a dozen and a half red roses, presentation style – but the florist can’t know it’s the Prize Patrol calling!

Final Step: Pack! Usually packing for a trip or vacation can be a daunting task, but not THIS type of trip.  The Prize Patrol loves gathering all the necessary gear for the road.  First, of course, the BIG PCH check and the REAL check!  We also gather paperwork for the winner, Prize Patrol pens, champagne, balloons to fill, directions, a camera and the signature Prize Patrol blue blazers.

Now it’s time for research.  We frequently get asked, “what happens if the winner isn’t home?”  (this happens more often than you may realize).  In order to prepare for those unfortunate situations, we like to do as much research about the winner before traveling as possible.  For example, we were able to find our $20,000 winner Pat Ticknor by finding out where she worked.  As you know, the Prize Patrol will do anything it takes to find the lucky PCH Sweepstakes winner and deliver that BIG check, even if it means going to their work place!

So now it’s time…here we go!  Hopefully all this planning will come in handy and we can surprise our newest millionaire without a hitch!  Wish us luck and keep entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes so maybe you could get your own surprise at home!  There are so many ways to enter and it’s as simple as a click of your mouse.  Enter today at, PCH Search & Win, PCH Lotto…the Prize Patrol would love to be dispatched to your house next!

Danielle Lam –

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

2,018 thoughts on “The Prize Patrol Is Getting Ready To Change Someone’s Life Forever!”

  1. Latisha says:

    I am ready to WIN!

  2. Iris says:

    I wish they come to New Hampshire but I see always in South

  3. RIGHT ON! My initials are CG

  4. Randall Pugh says:

    In it to win it!!!!!.sorry for back to back just so ready to come out of this financial hole.growing up watching my parents I’m grown and my mom watches me struggle on this dead end job which,where I live there’s not too many good job options.i just manage by saving cans,digging in trash pile’s to sell strap iron because I barely get 30 hours a raise,no benefits just working for nothing if you ask me.please come to Grove Hill Alabama

  5. Randall Pugh says:

    I’m sitting here almost sleep trying to data speed is making it hard for me to play most games but I’m still not giving up.fresh from work in 110 degrees weather,tired,sleeply but still trying to get my entry confirmed.trying to be prompted to all of the emails,etc.i got to win this for my just so eagerly awaiting the arrival of the prize patrol van to pull into my driveway. good luck to all that’s entering online.may God bless a very lucky winner to do the right thing by sharing their blessings with others

  6. Randall Pugh says:

    Im nervous as if I know for sure it’s me.i sure hope next week be the day all my penny pinching comes to an ready to share my winnings with my family.i want to surprise my niece by paying off her car without her knowing it.i want to pass out money to random people just because I have a giving heart.first and foremost,i will like to give to a few local churches in my my mother house off but that is what my dad would have wanted me to do since,he is dead and gone.4 days from now will be 1 year since my dad got killed on his job and I would like to do most of the things he wanted done when he was alive like paying off the house and do some remodeling.this is not a sob story,these words are real.i need to win this because I promise my dad I would keep playing until I win

  7. Laveen, AZ. Forever Prize No.6900, 500 people are hoping you pick me. Please help make their dreams come true. I promise to help 500 people. Thank you Forever…

  8. Victoria Bauer says:

    I’m in it to win it ! I would love to be able to take my ex in laws on a trip of a life time. So I can do some thing nice for them.they have always been their for me ! And be able to help out a few families that are down on their luck ! Finally buy myself a peace of land and have a treehouse built for me to live in so I can move and be closer to my 3 grandson’s !!

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