The Prize Patrol Is Getting Ready To Change Someone’s Life Forever!

The time has come for the Prize Patrol to get on the road and surprise our newest millionaire with that BIG PCH check!  The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winner has been selected and now it’s time for the Prize Patrol to be dispatched.  But what exactly does that mean?  Well, I’d like to give you a special look into what it takes for the Prize Patrol to prepare for that life changing winning moment.

Step 1 – Book those flights! Since there is not much time from when the winner is selected to when we need to be on the road, our first priority is to book the flights to make sure we can get to the lucky sweepstakes winner.  Once our seats have been reserved (personally I try to get the window seat to see the beautiful views) it is time to plan transportation in the state we are arriving.

Step 2: Book the rental Prize Patrol Van! We have used all different brands/colors/size Prize Patrol Vans (even a Prize Patrol dog sled in Alaska!).  We only have a few criteria: GPS to find the winner’s house and of course the van has to be large enough to fit the Prize Patrol sign and that BIG check!

Step 3: Order the flowers! What kind of winning moment would it be if the Prize Patrol showed up at your door without those beautiful red roses?  The Prize Patrol researches what flower shops are close to the winner’s house.  The rest is simple, order a dozen and a half red roses, presentation style – but the florist can’t know it’s the Prize Patrol calling!

Final Step: Pack! Usually packing for a trip or vacation can be a daunting task, but not THIS type of trip.  The Prize Patrol loves gathering all the necessary gear for the road.  First, of course, the BIG PCH check and the REAL check!  We also gather paperwork for the winner, Prize Patrol pens, champagne, balloons to fill, directions, a camera and the signature Prize Patrol blue blazers.

Now it’s time for research.  We frequently get asked, “what happens if the winner isn’t home?”  (this happens more often than you may realize).  In order to prepare for those unfortunate situations, we like to do as much research about the winner before traveling as possible.  For example, we were able to find our $20,000 winner Pat Ticknor by finding out where she worked.  As you know, the Prize Patrol will do anything it takes to find the lucky PCH Sweepstakes winner and deliver that BIG check, even if it means going to their work place!

So now it’s time…here we go!  Hopefully all this planning will come in handy and we can surprise our newest millionaire without a hitch!  Wish us luck and keep entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes so maybe you could get your own surprise at home!  There are so many ways to enter and it’s as simple as a click of your mouse.  Enter today at, PCH Search & Win, PCH Lotto…the Prize Patrol would love to be dispatched to your house next!

Danielle Lam –

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

2,053 thoughts on “The Prize Patrol Is Getting Ready To Change Someone’s Life Forever!”

  1. gail block says:

    wasn’t me didn’t get anythingg saying i was on the list of who can win it as always living in the wrong place in this case city well they r giving away a suv heck i will take the good old chevy cruze and the cash

    1. Deborah Holland Deborah Holland says:

      Hi Gail, It’s all in the luck of the draw which entries get selected as winners. All entries have an equal chance of winning. On the Short List this time around, there are 9 winners from NY, one of which is from Buffalo. Good luck on all your entries!
      Deborah @ PCH

  2. L. Ross says:

    Hi PCH… question is about the 211 people on the short list. Do you send out letters to their homes and e-mails to let he/she know that they have made the short list or just letters to their homes? Thanks for listening

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hey Ms. Ross,

      We will only send out letters to the winners at their addresses on file with us. No e-mails are sent indicating they’ve won.

      Hope this helps,
      Alanna @ PCH

    2. Deborah Holland Deborah Holland says:

      Letters were sent to their homes. They were not notified by email.
      Deborah @ PCH

  3. Charlene Eichelberger says:

    Charlene says….

    I will not be home I’m in Vicksburg ,MS helping with s
    Sick friend. . Sorry I couldn”t be home for this happy occasion I do hope if I am Lucy you can find me , but
    Our friends must always must come first! Have a FUN
    Day and thanks for Blessing so many people through the years .My hone is in St Joesph, La.. Good Luck to us All!

    1. Deborah Holland Deborah Holland says:

      If the winner isn’t home, the Prize Patrol will find him or her. Good luck!
      Deborah @ PCH







    1. Maureen Sousa says:

      So we are learning MORE how this aweepstakes works!!!

      We were NOT on the SHORT list… maybe now that is what we should be FOCUSING ON for the future draws ( Gina.. focus… DREAM etc.)… but at any rate I hope & pray that that a deserving person has won this prize… as I always pray for that in the lottery also… even if I am not the winner>>>.
      I love to see someone win that truly needs the monies for some GOOD reason or another.

      STAY dreaming Gina!!! PRAYING< HOPING & DREAMING!!!
      That is what it is ALL about!!!
      Try not to get negative.. as this world NEEDS MORE positive thinking to keep it alive!!!


    2. NO thats not life everone just keep at it maybe the next one is yours someone needed it …

  5. Marie Golden says:

    I’ll have coffee & the best homemade cinnamon rolls ready for you guys! See you Monday! =)

  6. Terry says:

    Good luck and I hope the big check is flying to Louisiana!!

  7. Valenda Johnson says:

    The Prize Patrol Is Getting Ready to Change Someone’s Life Forever!

    I am certain that this is such a wonderful moment for all of us (PCHers) as well as the Prize Patrol Team. First, I want to thank you for all of the time, team-effort, professionalism and most of all diligence to the cause of making someone “HAPPY” and “Dreams Come True”! God couldn’t have come up with a better or more awesome team of people… with high standards and class!!! Although, I have never won a prize, I share in the joy of those who do… only from a far! Such hard work should be rewarded… all I can offer you is a thank you from the bottom of my heart… I enjoy going online to participate in the PCH-games, Search&Win, Blogs (FB & Twitter), Sweepstakes-entries, PCH-TV, Spin/Win, etc… I mean all of it… And, may I add that you all have wonderful customer representatives that are very curious &professional as they answer questions and take our orders/clear up issues (I am sure repeatedly)… And, when you have people like: Natalie, Danielle, Frank, Todd, Dave Sayer, Maryann Carter, Deborah Holland chatting with us to keep us up-to-date on all the happenings it makes me feel like I have the hook up or a special “Presidential Access” and I can get a response at anytime… that makes me feel very, very special (win or not)! Well, have a safe flight and drive to your destination and I hope to see you soon! God Bless You!

    1. Deborah Holland Deborah Holland says:

      Thanks for the nice message! We’re glad you enjoy participating in the PCH Sweepstakes and all our online play and win opportunities. We enjoy interacting with our customers, friends and fans! Good luck to you and all our entrants!
      Deborah @ PCH

  8. phylicia boner says:

    G0sh i wish yall are 0n y0ur way t0 my h0me. H0PE YALL HAVE A SAFE TRIP. I BEEN WISHING THAT YALL WILL SH0W UP 0N MY birthday (feb 28) because my family desparatly needs t0 fall int0 s0me luck. H0PEFULY THIS IS THE YEAR F0R ME AND MY UNF0RTIONATE FAMILY. my m0m cant w0rk anym0re due to her back and my brother dan is disabled. my 0ther half quit w0rking due t0 falling 0n black ice and im a stay at h0me m0ther 0f 2 kids(girl 5 and b0y 2). We have n0 transp0rtati0n what so ever. which all that makes 0ur lives very difficult. We keep trying t0 get ab0ve the water and then s0mething else pushs us back under. We have been trying to get 0ut 0f exteme poverty but it set us extemely back when my other half had his knee hurt then c0uldnt w0rk. BUT we still keep 0ur h0pes up and keep praying that eventualy we will get s0me help t0 get 0ut 0f this h0le that we cant seem to get out of 0urselves. MAY PEACE AND L0VE BE WITH Y0U MY DEAR FRIENDS.

  9. Daphne Davis says:

    I am so excited for the winners. I sure hope I am one, I will definitely continue to enter in using all e-mails I receive, as well as through the various PCH websites. I think it’s wonderful to give all the possible hopeful Superprize winners a behind the scenes look at what goes on in preparation for something as important and life changing as this. Thanks for the opportunity. Hope to see the prize patrol sooner than later.

  10. Jimmie Carol Green says:

    Dear Publisher’s Clearing House………. & all you come in contact with Preparing for and during your travels, Good Luck & Best Wishes too all who entered…

    Can you IMAGINE …. The number of People PREPARING for your ARRIVAL?….. Spring Cleaning, 🙂 Hair done, Etc….

    Lot’s of Preperation & Excitement…. With The Anticipation Of The Prize Patrol!…….

    God Bless You All……

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