Prize Patrol

Prize Patrol

278 thoughts on “Prize Patrol”

  1. chris Holley says:

    There’s just no way I can come up with enough money before August8th to save my bank repossions,I still played PCh search and win entry today as always,but I only have hopes ,dreams& prayers,to hold on to…..PCh hasn’t knocked on my door this morning yet…..

  2. Timothy j. Ruelas says:

    Hello prize patrol I wish you all would be comeing to see ne & make me a millionaire & have all my dreams come true & have all my kids with me build a church or two & have the lady of my dreams all the grand kids so awesome im not going to get all into thinken it would happen to me so if it dont I dont get all hurt over someone els winning well back to game blessings

  3. Me and my family have been going through rough times so I hope you can make it my way

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