Surprise Winning Moments

Surprise winning moments filled last night’s Oscars with hugs, gasps, tears and smiles; but here at Publishers Clearing House, we think the best winning moment is yet to come.  You see, today is February 28th, the day our newest millionaire SuperPrize winner will be announced.

Our PCH Prize Patrol will arrive in a minivan instead of a stretch limo like the movie stars, and be uniformed in blue blazers instead of black tuxedos and sequined evening gowns; but they will be a gorgeous sight to behold when the SuperPrize winner opens the door to them.  With TV cameras rolling and all of America waiting to witness the surprise reaction, the new Publishers Clearing House winner may feel a bit star-struck.

Will it be one of those tearful winning moments with sobs of relief?  Or, perhaps a praise-filled one for answered prayers?  Maybe there will be triumphant shouts of “W-o-o-o-o-o H-o-o-o-o-o!” or simply a whispered declarative “YES!”

Whatever the scene, you can be sure it’s 100% genuine and unrehearsed.  No acting lessons necessary!  The shrieks, laughs, sighs and victory dances that give you goose bumps when viewing Publishers Clearing House winning moments are the best reality TV you’ll ever see.  And, whether the new lucky millionaire has a red carpet, blue carpet, or no carpet at all, the PCH Prize Patrol will be sure to give him or her VIP treatment.

Everyone here at Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes headquarters is bursting with anticipation and anxious to hear news from the front line.  Our prize award team has been sent to an undisclosed location. Did they travel by air or by car? Only a few of our co-workers know and they’re not about to reveal anything that would spoil the secret!

My fellow PCHers and I never get tired of seeing surprise winning moments. Knowing the award will make someone’s dreams come true is thrilling and we’re glad to be a part of it.  Tonight we’ll tune in to the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams and watch for the commercial with the Publishers Clearing House winner announcement.  We’ll also go online for more footage of the new PCH Giveaway 1830 SuperPrize Winner at  We hope you’ll join us for this joyous event and watch reality unfold for real.

While the entry deadline for the SuperPrize to be awarded tonight (2/28/11) is now past, there are always more prizes to be awarded — in the near future. Did you know that there are prize winners EVERY DAY online at PCH Lotto and PCH Search and Win?  You can enter the PCH Sweepstakes online every day, increasing your chances of winning one of our many fabulous cash sweepstakes prizes.

So don’t delay: enter the PCH Sweepstakes at once!   Who knows, the next big winner could be YOU!

Deborah Holland PCH

Good luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH Publishers Clearing House

152 thoughts on “Surprise Winning Moments”

  1. Hello! I want and need to win this! Sooo much going on right now! Please, pick me! I also, want to be able to help others out! Thanks, Pch!

  2. Danine Dixon says:

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  3. Linda Peterson says:

    I really need to win..

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    Been playing PCH lotto and games for a number of years. Never won one thin dime. Why continue or are the odds that bad?

  9. Keisuke says:

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  10. Brenda Tobin says:

    It would be the best day of my life, when I think of a reality of winning, I get teary with joy to think the time I’d have to share in family life and change so many lives.

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