A WIN WIN Opportunity at Publishers Clearing House

There’s a new movie out called “Win Win.”   Since it’s not yet showing at my local multiplex, I haven’t seen it, but hope to soon.  It has gotten excellent reviews, has a stellar cast and looks like a film my wife and I would enjoy.

Besides, who can resist an offering that’s labeled “Win Win“?   It’s an opportunity one simply cannot pass up – just the kind of opportunity that can be yours through (you guessed it) Publishers Clearing House!

The first opportunity to win at PCH is through our famously fabulous sweepstakes.   As you know, we have been awarding giant cash prizes – over $225 million worth! – since 1967.   Nowadays, through our growing network of PCH websites, there are lots of ways to play and win – with prizes worth thousands and millions of dollars!   A simple click here will take you to pch.com where you can enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today – and every day.  (Why not take advantage of the opportunity to enter and win every day?)

There’s another opportunity to “win” at PCH – although it’s not winning in a sweepstakes sense – and that is through our terrific array of unbeatable magazine subscription values and quality merchandise offerings.   Of course no purchase is ever required to enter or win one of our sweepstakes prizes.   But we think you will discover one or more things to your liking when you shop at PCH – perhaps an entertaining or informative magazine or a hard to find product that you’ve not seen offered anywhere else.  Any one of these can be yours and comes with our reliable Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

So I encourage you to take this opportunity to “Win Win“:  (1) Enter the PCH sweepstakes, and (2) Check out PCH product offerings online.   You’ve nothing to lose and a potentially very happy experience to gain.

Here’s wishing you a “Win Win”!

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Here are more opportunities to win-win-win online from PCH this week:

Mon. 3/28: You could WIN 10X more Tokens at PCH GamesBaseball Hit’em High Event!

Thur. 3/31: You could WIN an American Express Gift Card worth $1,000.00 at PCH Shop and Win!

Fri. 4/1: You could WIN one of five $150 Overstock Gift Cards being given away at PCH Search & Win!

63 thoughts on “A WIN WIN Opportunity at Publishers Clearing House”

  1. hello pch and yes i would like to win 75,000.00 cash plus 1 million cash plus 5,000.00 a week for life

  2. Marita Oliver says:

    Yes I would like to win a Vin a car or cash or something from pch

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  4. Rachel Perez says:

    If I were to win,I would be able to go to a private in/out mountain rehab…Buy a car, home and donate to charities ( cancer society)….and have a family to LOVE,cherish,and care for…..and reunite and have fun wth my SON MAX……

  5. Thanks for that claim I would like 75,000.00 dollars and the 2 million + 10,000+ new car

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  8. myra berry says:

    Be nice 2win i would be debt free

  9. Greg Tharalsson says:

    I tell you all I’m like every one else here I like to Win, but I have to tell you , Every Day is a new day, a new day of a challenge, A Challenge to concur a New way to Win A Challenge to be on top, A Challenge to be alive, Every day I pray to be all of this, I do believe in PCH

  10. Greg Tharalsson says:

    Once again one want to ask Where is my picture

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