Publishers Clearing House Winners 2011

It may be a little premature to “look back” at Publishers Clearing House Winners of 2011, but who couldn’t use a dreamy pick-me-up to remind you PCHers that miracles do happen and that PCH dreams come true?!

When I heard that the latest PCH Winner of 2011, Veronica Trombino, was a nurse, it was especially exciting that someone who changes lives every day won the PCH big sweepstakes prize of $10,000.00. I think, nurses and doctors and other health professionals can be considered part of their own special “Prize Patrol” who make dreams come true by performing medical miracles including healing ailments or replacing broken limbs. I also have special family members studying to become part of this world, so I know how hard they study and work for these positions.

Another 2011 PCH winner is Donna Guziejka of Henrico, Virginia. While receiving her $10,000 cash prize, Donna pointed out that her son said she was “wasting stamps” by sending in her PCH sweepstakes entries. And even though Publishers Clearing House has developed tons of ways for people to win online, this just proves that winning Big Sweepstakes Prizes through the mail is just as effective, fun, and possible! At the end of her presentation, one of Donna’s co-workers said “An angel was looking out for you.” It seems the angel’s connection was made possible by Donna entering a Publishers Clearing House Big prize sweepstakes herself!

2011 certainly got off to a good start for these PCH sweepstakes winners, and the good news is there are still plenty of sweepstakes prizes to be awarded – so keep on entering! Aching to see the real-life events that happen? Visit and enjoy!

The “Prize” Queen

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  2. Donna says:

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