1. Elsa Torres says:

    Hello Dave, I really wish I could be one of those lucky persons and become a winner,
    Only because we are going through a very hard time right now.
    Thank You

  2. norma says:

    I will meet you I am exited for that moment to come when you bring my good to me

  3. eriko says:

    Hi! How are you ? I was enjoying pch and I have to let prize patrol to know.
    please don’t knock my door.
    because the door is for all resident in this building .
    when you reach here please call me so I can hear you from up stair !
    I am looking forward to see you !

  4. caroline himes says:

    Hi Dave ,this is Caroline Himes how are you today? I was hoping to be able to talk to you and your staff today please’,I just have a few questions and I hope maybe you could answer them ‘ this really is something I waited on for some time now with zero reply ,took heret is I of a car from you guys ,to this day ,I still have no car from PCh, I did win a car, OK next ,I got a letter from pch that I was going to get money a week for life from pch, this came in my email from pch aswell that woman named Mrs Holland will take care of all my paper work.- I never got the money or the car,nothing showed up at my home from the mail man ‘nothing at all ‘ Caroline Himes!

  5. caroline himes says:

    Hi Dave this is Caroline Himes,I’m hoping you and your staff will please come to my home!!been waiting for a year to see you at my door please !!

  6. ginger pitchford says:

    dave hi I am ginger kent clark pitchford …I have been playing since I was 18 im 60 never won at all my husband is without a job my son and 2 grandkids have no home… my house is in foreclosure…. no money for food…I guess my only bucket list is here.. I enter daily praying.. you and I know there is no instant win..i need immediate help.. I don’t believe the pple that win are real because if you came to my door I would be screaming running around my yard… my husband says stop entering no help please I need it so bad if you are real.. I don’t know ready to give up and just go down

  7. erika says:

    i won a 10 dollar gift card

  8. Regina. Woodard says:

    Nice picture. Dave Sayer.

  9. Marie-France Smith says:

    Dave ~ Thank you for the opportunity at a chance to WIN at PCH. The games/scratchoffs are FUN and new Friends to boot. It must be very fulfilling to change people’s lives for the good. Keep up the good work. Regards, Marie-France

    1. Clark Ulysse says:

      When I win, I will create a scholarship funds for high school seniors so they can continue their education without all the BS we went through back in the day. There’s nothing more rewarding seeing my efforts/money changing people’s lives. The return is much greater than having a bank making a profit over my money.
      Clark Ulysse from Minneapolis MN.

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