1. norma says:

    Everyday is exciting to know that I can enter and be in the running to be the lucky winner Hope to see you at my door here in Bakersfield,Ca

  2. teresa palu says:

    David I got a call saying it was you calling that I won…this person had me go get green dot cards ….my gut said it was not real but he sounded so convincing please say it is you…my husband is so upset with me…I dont know wat to do. I have been crying my eyes out…and feeling stupid that I may have fallen for the scam.

  3. carlamantee says:

    We are still waiting for you in California!

  4. Sarah says:

    Dear Dave, I pray I get to meet you soon. I have been entering everything every day starting at 12:00AM working on it throughout the day. I enter everyday because my home is rotting and falling apart. I need to help my loved ones and I need to get my family out of this bad neighborhood. Sorry, I don’t mean to complain but my husband was hurt really bad, and isn’t able to work anymore and he’s getting worse. Yes, I would love to win just like everyone else, but I would love to meet you Dave. That would truly be my dream come true, I would also love to meet Danielle and Todd. My Mom, Grandma and Aunt played as well and it meant a lot to them, they are no longer with us. If you showed up at my door I don’t think I would stop crying, but I would be so happy if we won. I promise to help as many people as we can, I would love to help stop animal abuse, help my church, buy lots of groceries and help feed as many hungry people as we can. Time is precious, if I don’t win this time, I will keep trying.

    I pray you read this Dave, it means so much to my family and me.

  5. robin cahoe says:

    are you the real dave sayer because i want to know if you are real? I have never won anything in my life and i want to know if you are the real thing. i saw you on tv giving a lot of people money and i see that they are excited to win. i want to win just like them but i want to know if you are the real thing or not. i have a picture of me on your blog to look at me and i have long hair and a red dark sweather on and you will see me.

  6. Patricia white says:

    I want to see at my door on Oct 9 love you guys at pch Ty and god bless

  7. norma says:

    You the Balloons,check, Happy to be alive, life is good, God is good my dreams come true

  8. esther says:

    I Esther Bivens just like playing pch.I like searching.I love a challenge

  9. norma says:

    Hello Dave, meeting and recieving is one of my dreams. Wow it would be a pleasure to meet you in real life with that beautiful prize money get to my hometown I’m WAITTING I have even had dreams about you definately would like to see you soon and make my dream into reality just exactlly how i dream you smiling and handing me that nice big check!!!! I wonder if you even read this, I was excited in the dream just as i bet i will be in real person fingers crossed +++++

  10. Elsa Torres says:

    Hello Dave, I really wish I could be one of those lucky persons and become a winner,
    Only because we are going through a very hard time right now.
    Thank You

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