A Unicorn Pillow Pet Makes An Adorable Gift

Unicorn Pillow PetMy Unicorn Pillow Pet™ confession is revealed in this blog.

I’ve been seeing Unicorn Pillow Pets™ everywhere lately. On TV, in the mall, in stores, even on PCH’s Shop and Win website! And I can understand why; these little guys are absolutely adorable!

You see them, and you think, “Aw, that Unicorn Pillow Pet™ would make an adorable gift for my four-year-old niece!” But in reality, I know many adults who find these little plush animals just as irresistible as a child would. And what’s the best part about them, you may ask? They go from being a lovable plush toy to a soft, comfy pillow!

So, I’m going to make a confession. I kind of want a Unicorn Pillow Pet™. From the first time I saw them in the hallway at PCH when they were being sampled, I’ve had this secret desire for one. And after looking on Shop and Win, and realizing that it’s a “hot item,” along with the other Pillow Pets™ we offer, I’m afraid that if I don’t get one, we may sell out!

Plus, if I shop around a little more on the website, I can get free shipping on an order of $50 or more! Maybe I’ll get the Ladybug Pillow Pet™ too.  A perk I can’t get however, since I’m a PCH employee, is that if you go on Shop and Win, you can also enter for chances to win our hourly giveaways! Free shipping offers, contests and Pillow Pets™! What more could a person want?!

Granted, I don’t need more than one Unicorn Pillow Pet™, but these little guys can make a fun and adorable gift!

“I’d be the envy of everyone around me on my next flight back home to California with this little guy!” I explained to my friend Meg, in reference to a Unicorn Pillow Pet™. Not only did she completely agree, but she expressed a small amount of desire for one as well, as she flies between Michigan, Oregon and California quite often.

“Can you guess what YOUR next birthday gift is going to be?” I asked her, jokingly. Her response was one of joy and excitement. I guess you’re never too old for fun, cute things like this. Especially when you can actually get some use out of it (it’s a pillow AND a pet!).

I need to sign into my Shop and Win account and obtain some of these, before we sell out of the Unicorn Pillow Pets™. Having seen them up close, I can attest to the adorableness of these cuddly pillow toys. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, Pillow Pets™ make an adorable gift, either for yourself or someone you know!


Liz D.

PCH Intern

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allen c said...

How about a Siberian Husky Pillow Pet too?

Curtis Martin said...

Umm, I think somethings not right here: :)
Coby® Alarm Clock Radio for iPod®
Sku: 009C27
Units Left: 37
TODAY’S DEAL: $354.99

30% OFF

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Curtis,

    Thanks so much for pointing this out! I’ve let the appropriate department know about the error and it should be corrected shortly.

    Rebecca @ PCH

Parish Mack said...

I hope to win the publishing clearing house now that I’m 18. I can help out my family and I get some more clothes. I pray that I win this. I won’t give up!

Michael R said...

that’s is some Really “COOL Stuff”!

gail block said...

my nice gift from u $50,000 would be nice

Lisa eNters said...

Hi Liz!
tks 4 blogging!
so- would PCH ever allow me or anyone to blow all winnings on comfy rooms full of pillow pets floor to ceiling?!haha jkjk
I still want 1 or 2, or 3=)
my parrot here would prob claim one of em’ himself!

Lisa eNters said...

Hi Parish! good 4 u& don’t stop entering! I’m not.
I wish you & everybody here(&myself incl) good-GREAT luck on all of the drawing(s) to come!!
this is of course if you enter, too??
::heads 2 pchlotto:D::

Lisa eNters said...

to himself*?

Vickie Plasterer said...

The Pillow Pets are indeed adorable. I saw these for sale quite some time ago, that is before I began doing ALL of my gift shopping on ShopandWin.com. I own two doggy pillows for our Babies (dogs..SHHHHH don’t let them know I called them dogs, they think they are human babies. LOL !!) In addition, I have purchased at lest two of each kind for my granddaughters and my nieces and nephews. GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE HOT and affordable at ShopandWin.com

Vickie P
Markle, IN

Roland Lyford said...

How many times do i have to win before i really win, problems on your computer are not on mine

    PCH Customer Service said...

    Hi Roland,

    Please rest assured that if you are chosen as a winner, you will definitely receive your prize! Winners of $10,000 or more will be notified in person by our famous Prize Patrol and winners of anything under $10,000 will be notified by Certified letter or Express letter.

    If you are experiencing problems with any of our emails or websites, please send us a message on our Ask Us page at http://pch.custhelp.com/app/utils/login_form/redirect/ask with a description of the problem. Please include as much detail as possible, this will help us to solve the issue in the quickest way possible.

    Thanks, and have a great day!
    Rebecca @ PCH

Marilyn Hadey said...

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    Nurita said...

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