1. House Winner August 31st 28th Event Winner Carla Michelle Antee,CBS and NBC Winner Carla Michelle Antee of Natchitoches LA California Native Won Winner Weekend To Remember Billions of Dollars Dream Come True Gwy No 1830 1831 3080 4900 3577 495044th

  2. wanda beck says:

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  3. wanda beck says:

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  4. wanda beck says:

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  5. wanda beck says:

    Winner forever5,000 Life Winner 4650 Ford test drive hour Exclusive Gwy ID32_02 PCH Issued Debrough Holland Win #4902 Prize LkttoBlast Winner. Blast_LAN_714032 jpg BASH ,ID label Ms Beck Wanda 4650 75,000 6 double Dice Approved Comfirmed Roulette 1000,000. Qualified candidate 4950 Beach Awaited Me 4650 Claimed Forever 4900 Life Prize Gwy PCH Exclusive 5326 _so AUG 4/15 Issued Deboyrgh Holland Claimed Wanda Beck Airazona Yes Winner Excepts Prize Gwy S 602 672 9712 What do I do After Test drive

  6. wanda beck says:

    Mr Dave Sayer Debrough Holland Request 3 steps I COMPLIED #4900 #4650 Exclusive Gwy Auto Insurance. Life I have Bergeford bring a car hour test drive 602 672 9712 Wanda Beck yForever Gwy PCH Dream Come True

  7. Wow Bring The Sheriff Car and Roll with prize patrol Angels and Deliver The Ten Million Superprize Gwy No 4900 Plus Ultimate Combo Gwy No 1688 Plus Ultimate Combo Gwy No 1688 Plus Ultimate Combo of Natchitoches LA

  8. Jesus Christ Embassy Church Elite LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook And Todd Sloane Thank you Danielle open the vault 5000, and Deliver The Ten Million Superprize Gwy No 308O Seeing Double check One Million Superprize Gwy No 308O Dream Life Come True Gwy No 308O JET JET JET Tickets Dave Sayers MKz would be nice Bring The Briefcase Show me the Money

  9. Only Trust you with the Edmin The Owl Shock Look on my face when you show up

  10. ethankcarla m Antee For Life myk says:

    Honestly Dave enough win 10,000 cash Dream Vacation Gwy 4651 Jet Jet Jet out of here Seeing Double Mad Men Set for Life Commercial today Knock knock

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