Are You a Believer in PCH?

Hello PCH blog readers,

Just a few weeks ago, I started seeing a different doctor for a check-up. As we talked, the normal topic of, “What do you do?” came up. I smiled and said that I worked for a local company, and that I also worked for Publishers Clearing House.

“NO WAY!” he exclaimed. “So… you go around handing out big checks to people?”

“Well, yes!” I said.

Of course, just the other night, his wife was telling him that ‘no one ever wins those things.’

In my role as Publishers Clearing House’s Goodwill Ambassador, I’ve had the honor of sharing my story in many different ways. I was recently featured on TLC’s The Lottery Changed My Life, and several on-line sites have interviewed me. Slowly but surely, the public is starting to realize that people really DO win!

I’ve also had the privilege to simply interact with people as I travel around the country with the Prize Patrol. My most recent stop in Arkansas was another success. In fact, two workers in at the flower shop recognized me from my profile on The Lottery Changed My Life! It was the first time that someone from outside my area recognized me. I chatted with them awhile and shared some pictures of my dream home, made possible by my SuperPrize win in 2008.

After we surprised our newest SuperPrize winner, Mrs. Karen Anderson, the Prize Patrol headed to the airport. That day was extremely stormy out east, and flights were delayed and cancelled. I found that my own flight had been cancelled due to bad weather.

I made my way to the ticketing counter to find out my options, and lo and behold, a direct flight to Detroit was available! I told the agent that a silver lining always finds me somehow. The ticketing agent asked me if I was lucky. I laughed and shared my story again. This time, the agent called over to her co-worker, telling him that I helped to deliver a big check to someone in the area, and received one myself a few years ago. The original agent had already rubbed my arm for luck, but the second agent wasn’t having any of that. He JUMPED over the counter and grabbed me in a bear hug!!!

I think I’ve made a few more people believers in Publishers Clearing House. Keep on entering! Who knows? Maybe your next entry will make others believers too!


Natalie Bostelman

PCH Goodwill Ambassador

2008 SuperPrize Winner

73 thoughts on “Are You a Believer in PCH?”

  1. Brigitte says:

    Belevier isn’t the thing !! God is who can make it happen or a higher power ! To get it there so pch can come knocking at my door !! Oh ! I do believe 💜🙏thank you

  2. Ms.Brigitte Brooks says:

    Here I go again thank pch for the opportunity , but when will win?

  3. Brigitte brooks says:

    Well,well ! Count down is coming for my birth right

  4. Nathalie says:

    Please make me a believer!!!’

  5. I am a truly believer of PCH. It’s just like lotto one day one day you will become the lucky winner. Hoping for a great VALENTINES BIRTHDAY GIFT. $$$$$$

  6. " Goodwill Ambassador " says:

    Hey Natalie,Yes indeed I’m a firm believer in believing dreams do come true with publishers clearing house.I’m so excited about being able to write a comment to you on this blog.That’s amazing how God puts you in places to meet certain people who’s been a good Stewart for him.Well since I’m writing : Im honored to meet you this is a awesome opportunity indeed.If I’ve had any doubts that PCH isn’t worth the time,patience,and surprises I believe 100% now.Because our faith is the strength by which a shattered WORLD shall emerge into the light.God bless & Thank you for your time ⛪ let’s keep that faith evolving

  7. sheila ward jones says:

    I just want pch to make a believe out of me , because years ago pch told me they would be at my home and they never showed up, so please make a believe out of me .my god bless me. Sheila

  8. Brigitte brooks says:

    I’m a believer , and I’m a realist too! When Brigitte brooks going to win ? Pch ? ThAnk you

  9. Brigitte brooks says:

    Thank you God

  10. Lino Hallman says:

    I should point out that in the depths of my heart and soul I do believe, but if anyone sits there and says that it “aggregates” them to hear that people don’t believe, then tell that to someone who has been up all hours playing and never winning. I am 60 years old and have never won a thing. I play the lottery, PCH and other games and have NEVER WON A THING.

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