Did You Receive A PCH.com/Urgent Post Card In the Mail?

As a loyal PCH customer, you likely receive many opportunities to enter the famous Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes in the mail. In the next few weeks, some of you may also receive a special post-card which asks you to visit the website URL www.pch.com/urgent.  A short authorization code is also included on the post card which you can use to enter the “Fast 50” Sweepstakes – where 50 people will win cash prizes. That’s a lot of prizes to go around!

If you receive one of these post cards, make sure to enter www.pch.com/urgent into your web browser or just click on the link above. It’s easy to enter!

If you didn’t receive the post-card, don’t worry – there are plenty of other amazing opportunities to enter our famous sweepstakes. For starters you can head over to Publishers Clearing House and enter for our $10 Million SuperPrize. Or head over to PCHlotto.com where you can test your number picking luck on some free Lotto cards and enter to win $5,000 A Week for Life at the same time! You can also visit PCHgames to play free online games and collect tokens to use to enter sweepstakes for free.  The list of awesome winning opportunities from Publishers Clearing House goes on and on.

If you’re a Facebook user, make sure to visit the official Publishers Clearing House fan page where you can enter to win $1,000.00 available to fans only! You can find the page by clicking here or typing http://facebook.com/pch into your browser. Plus, as a fan, you’ll get updates on Publishers Clearing House promotions and be able to chat with other sweepstakes enthusiasts.


Frank @ PCH

419 thoughts on “Did You Receive A PCH.com/Urgent Post Card In the Mail?”

  1. received p242 won’t let me enter.

  2. Charles Rich says:

    Charles Rich activation: code number PC239 will not let me log on

  3. elizabethwisenosuchlucktoenter

  4. Krystle wheeler says:

    Yes got my post card!!! Thank you First time for anything and my number went in fine!!! :) Lets hope I really can become a winner this time around!!! All smiles hoping to come way!!! Love PCH…

  5. Arlie Herron says:

    Code PC239. Won’t let me enter it.

  6. Lucy Gray says:

    Unable to enter code number. Notice others are stating that they have same number as several others. I too see that. I think your set up is a HUGH SCAM. Only trying to get more of us ordering items to pay for with no chance of winning what you advertise.

    SHAME ON YOU !!!!! LG in Albuq., NM 2/12/14.

  7. gail exum says:

    will not let me put my code in my code number is PC239 also see other people with the same number

  8. Geri Garrison says:

    Geri Garrison
    Jan 10,2015
    Code number PC 239

  9. My code number is PC240 and it would not let me put it in. I did everything the movie said but my keyboard would not come up for me to type it in.

  10. Christopher C Rowe says:

    activation code number pc239

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