PCH Winners – A Closer Look at Karen Anderson

Curiosity always gets the best of us, so when you or your friends hear about PCH’s Big Cash Sweepstakes, your natural instinct is to search for PCH Winners to get the full Publishers Clearing House winning moment, and back-story.

After a PCH Winner claims his or her cash sweepstakes prize, we send a PCH Winners’ questionnaire, to get a more detailed report of their thoughts after they calm down from the initial surprise of being proclaimed one of the thousands of PCH winners.

Karen Anderson is 1 of the many PCH Winners who won One Million Dollars. In February of 2011 the PCH Prize Patrol alerted the new Publishers Clearing House Winner of her $1,000,000 prize. Throughout the interview the Publishers Clearing House Winner from Bella Vista, AK said she was in a total and complete state of shock.

She continued “I really did not believe I would EVER win!! But hope is eternal and I kept sending in my entrees and hoping – and it came true!!!”

The PCH Winner of $1,000,000 told the prize patrol upon her award that she was unemployed and trying to make money to pay her husband’s medical bills. Despite this, when asked if she ever have a feeling that she would win, she replied “No – just hope (and lots of prayers!).”

Like many PCH Winners, Karen Anderson, just didn’t believe that PCH Winners were real until she became one! And how did her community respond to her million-dollar-win? She said, “My phone has not stopped ringing! They were all pleased. I think ½ of my church people phoned – all wishing us well.”

And of course, we all wonder; what do all Publishers Clearing House Winners do with the cash prizes they win? Karen told us that she will “Put $$$ in the bank! Now we can do a few small trips.”

The “Prize” Queen

33 thoughts on “PCH Winners – A Closer Look at Karen Anderson”

  1. carlamantee says:

    Congratulations Karen

  2. Roy Paolo says:

    There is no such place called Bella Vista, Alaska….. This is a lie


    Please I WANT TO WIN MAKE IT HAPPEN BECAUSE I would love to pay some of my bills.and have a chance to go back to school. please,please,please”.

  4. Gwendolyn Pindell says:


  5. #3080 or #1830 Patricia Wilson win for April super prize I need to win this so bad for my family I’ve prayed n prayed God blesses my family

  6. Mary Chamberlin says:

    add your comment here

  7. Mary Chamberlin says:

    Love to win. I live in SYLMAR, CA. 91342. And never heard of someone from my hometown winning. I truly hope that you could pick me as the next big winner
    I would truly be the luckiest person alive. Every thing that i have read is negative. .My thoughts are that I do have a chance
    .. positive thinking. Thank you. Mary Chamberlin

  8. Gwendolyn Pindell says:

    Hello Ms.Karen Anderson. Your story as a PCH.comblog $1MILLION winner was Amazing. May GOD Bless You and your Hubby continuously! Thanks for sharing Publishers Clearing House.

  9. Vicky Box says:

    If I were to win PCH, I can’t think of enough ways to use the money, but I know I would use it wisely!! I would use it for those in need and never be greedy or selfish. I would have a tumor removed and fix my teeth but other than that, I would love to see others in need to be happy.

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