Prayers Answered With A Knock At The Door

Prayers answered for Louisiana couple as PCH Prize Patrol Arrives!

K Charles PCH Winner

I don’t want to say that a young and energetic couple — without jobs — would actually be enjoying the quiet of a day at home – since both would clearly welcome employment.  But Keithroy and Topeka Charles were at peace with their situation; they pray daily and radiate a confidence that God will provide.  On the morning of April 14 they had discussed how wonderful it would be if their frequent online sweepstakes entries in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes would bear fruit – in the form of a Big Check.

Keithroy, a St. Kitts native, and Topeka, a native Louisianan, were sitting down to a midday meal in their Baton Rouge, LA, apartment when there was an interruptive knock on the door.  Who could that be?  Their five-year old boy was not due home from school for over an hour, and they were not expecting anyone else – unless …!!  Could this be their morning prayers answered?

Topeka glanced out the window and thought she saw some colorful balloons passing by.  Could it be?!?!  She and Keithroy ran to the door, pulled it open, then faced the scene they had seen countless times on TV.  But this time it was at THEIR front door: the PCH Prize Patrol stood smiling right in front of them — with a video-cameraman, a TV news reporter, bouquets of roses and balloons, champagne, and a Big Check – for $10,000.00!

Keithroy fell to the ground in disbelief while Topeka started screaming, then quickly recounted how they had talked about such an improbable event just a few hours ago.  It turned out that both husband and wife had been regularly entering sweepstakes online at

The couple’s apartment manager drove by, honked and waved “Congratulations!”  Soon Topeka’s sister arrived with more hugs and expressions of joy.

“We really needed a break, and I am glad that God has given us this break,” said Keithroy afterwards.  “Now I can pay off some of my debts, complete skills training so that I can gain better employment and be able to support my family and help those who are also experiencing difficulty in their various lives.”

The local NBC/Fox TV news reporter was also on the scene and filed a report that you can see at this link:

The lucky couple was thrilled to hear that, thanks to their many sweepstakes entries, they are still in the running for even bigger prizes – like $100,000 and $1 Million and $10 Million!

Of course, YOU can be in the running too.  Enter for chances to win!  The more entries, the better your chances of winning!  Click here on this link to and enter – today and every day!  The next prayers answered with a visit by the PCH Prize Patrol could be YOURS!

D Sayer PCH Prize PatrolGood luck!

Dave Sayer

PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

45 thoughts on “Prayers Answered With A Knock At The Door”

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  4. It would be so Un real stuff like winning big does not happen in my fairy tail life but always good to dream big just like I do my dreaming puts big smiles and happy thoughts in my daily life

  5. Greg Driessen says:

    Dave I am excited thinking about the 26th . Will you be here.or not? I can’t wait.

  6. edna wilson says:

    i would give back , not just take all the money and do nothing with it

  7. edna wilson says:

    it would be a blessing to win millons of dollars i can help my kids finish up college, buy us new cars one for me cause i help my daughter get the kids back and forward to school, and us new homes all the think we worry about will be gone out our lives,and i would give money to people who need help like us

  8. Maria Gonzalez says:

    How would the winner be notifyed?

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Maria,

      Winners of $10,000 or more will be notified in person by our famous Prize Patrol and winners of anything under $10,000 will be notified by Certified letter or Express letter.

      Best of luck!

      Rod @ PCH

  9. Maria Gonzalez says:

    Congrats on ur winning moment!! May God bless you!!! enjoy

  10. Keithroy Charles says:

    Thanks again!

    1. PAT MCKEEL says:

      Hi Congrats to your family in your time of need. My fiance is out of a job and my hours were cut. I too play PCH each day to brighten my day. Yesterday my fiance asked our manager for the mail out of a community mail box. She rudely replied to him “What’s so important in the mail, you think you’re goning to win PCH? He was put off that she goes through our mail as I was. I then told him about your win. It put our mood in a different direction. I have hope we to are blessed like your family was and I hope you can rest easier at night. Can’t win if you don’t play right? Does’nt hurt to pray either. Congrats again

      1. Keith says:

        Thanks so much Pat. May you be blessed.

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