Keithroy Charles

K Charles PCH Winner

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  2. carla m Antee says:

    Seeing Double

  3. Carla Michelle Antee says:

    Congrats Keith

  4. Kenneth Lucas says:

    I pray that God loves me Wednesday I need all the money I can get. I pray God’s doing good him. plus I pray
    PCH let me win some money

  5. udrego golmond says:

    This is a blessing and I am so happy for your blessing, I was glad to share my testimony with you and also to hear yours personally, now my wife is a believer

  6. Frederic Wells says:

    Yes, I am in dire need to win this $100,000 “Tax-Free” Sweepstakes. With the Lord’s divine assistance, I will prevail!!!

  7. Irene Arce says:

    you’re right, God is amazing. I am in a similar situation as well but keep faith on a daily basis. I constantly thank God for everyday and every moment of my life, the Good & the Bad times. especially for the hard times because i can now embrace the fact that it is actually making me a stronger person & gives me a chanceto be a positive example for people around me who are starting to go threw what ive already overcame. So it feels good to know that is answering young prayers as well and hears are hearts desires. when the time is right hopefully i’ll get my prayer answered too…. pray for me & my Family tooo please people. god bless

  8. Martha says:

    GOD IS AWESOME !!!!! Congratulations!!!! …>>> SMILE 🙂

  9. Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Elite says:

    Keithroy, it’s so nice to see you on the blog! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife Topeka. I’m so happy for you both!!!!!

  10. Keithroy Charles says:

    Thank you very much PCH for making God the very center of our story. God is soo good! He is a very present Help in trouble! May His Holy Name be praised forever more!

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