Introducing the New – More Sweepstakes and More Fun

For a few months now, a small group of PCHers have been busy re-designing and testing the official online home of Publishers Clearing House, better known as has been around for over 10 years and has been the go to source for submitting your PCH sweepstakes entries online. Over the years, the site has gone through various updates and improvements, but none of those changes were nearly as impressive and exciting as this most recent makeover.

The new takes winning to a whole new level with a whopping 6 sweepstakes entry opportunities! The sweepstakes prizes range in value and include the classic $10 Million SuperPrize, $3 Million for a Dream Home, a Ford Escape Hybrid, and $100,000.00 Cash! But the fun doesn’t stop there! If you complete all 6 sweepstakes entries and collect the 6 keys, you’ll unlock a special $10,000.00 Instant Cash Game which you can come back and play every day! It’s fast, easy and rewarding.

After completing your daily sweepstakes entries, you can scroll down the page where you’ll find links to other Publishers Clearing House properties like PCHSearch&Win, PCHgames and PCHlotto. We’ve also included links to PCHcoupons for ultimate savings, PCHonlinesurveys where you can get rewards just for filling out surveys, and our newest site, PCHShop&Win where shopping is a winning experience. As loyal blog readers, you will also see a special section dedicated to the PCHblog and the PCH fan page on facebook!

As you can imagine, we’re all very excited to hear your thoughts about the new and improved So feel free to take a look around and let us know what you think in the comments below. We’ll share your comments with the team in charge of Who knows, your ideas may very well become a reality!


Frank @ PCH

133 thoughts on “Introducing the New – More Sweepstakes and More Fun”

  1. Ellen Baker says:

    I’m entering everything on the PCH sites daily!

  2. james parish says:

    what do I do with the tokens I have earned?? currently over 9,686,000,00 tokens and growing each day also will the tokens get me noticed to become a super prize winner?? I sure hope so …Thanks . . .


  3. I would like to win big . Please come to my house. PCH my friends . I will be looking for you. One day soon. You will show up at my door. Please bring Lucky with you he belong’s to me now. so please show him the way to get here. I can make him very happy and he would love staying with all the presidents and taking all those new friends out to show them all the new things that the world has , sense they were out in the fresh air. Now I know you want me to have lucky now so be a good sport and put him in the van go to the airport and bring him to Atlanta and I think you can find your way to me for there. I will be looking for you do don’t disappoint me and make me sad .I love PCH and I hope you like me too Brenda Carlton

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