Q Score of the PCH Prize Patrol

Prize Patrol Elite Team

If the PCH Prize Patrol had a Q Score, I’ll bet it would be off the charts.

A Q Score is the measurement of popularity and likability of a brand, TV show or personality.  Developed by a research company called Marketing Evaluations, Inc., the Q Score is calculated based on survey responses from a nationwide sample of mail and online panelists. High emotional attachment with a show, brand name or celebrity means strong viewer involvement and audience attention.

Our PCH Prize Patrol is the nationally famous team that surprises unsuspecting winners on their doorsteps with huge cash prizes and multi-million dollar sweepstakes awards.  Judging by the reactions of sweepstakes prize winners when they open the door to see video cameras rolling and the Prize Patrol holding a Giant-Sized Check, Balloons, Roses and Champagne, this prize award team may be among the most popular house guests ever.  Highly emotional sweepstakes winning moments, laden with tears, gasps, sighs, shouts, laughs, smiles and hugs would surely register strong scores in viewer involvement.

Prize Patrol with Giant Check

Q Scores following this year’s Academy Awards that compared the 2011 co-hosts with celebrity hosts from earlier years revealed some of the “old faithfuls” were more popular.   The quest to improve show ratings by continually featuring new stars to hand out awards may have led to a dead end.

If The Academy is looking for REAL prize award experts, with tons of hands-on experience with winning moments and a sky-high likability factor, perhaps they should consider getting the PCH Prize Patrol to hand out the coveted prizes next year.  They would look just as sharp in formal wear as they do in navy blue blazers.  There might be one challenge, though.  Since the Prize Patrol likes to do things in a BIG way, it could turn into a logistical nightmare keeping all those Giant-Sized Envelopes and 10-feet tall Oscar statues back stage!

Now that would be a sight … but the Q Score would probably be the highest ever!

For YOUR chance to get the “red carpet” treatment and a “coveted prize” delivered by our own “celebrity” prize award team, make sure you enter the PCH Sweepstakes today.  No rehearsals or acceptance speeches necessary.

Good luck!

Deborah Holland

Executive Vice President

PCH, Publishers Clearing House


24 thoughts on “Q Score of the PCH Prize Patrol”

  1. The Q-Score is Q = LIVING A LIFE OF LUXURY. Who said that you cannot have a DREAM, GOAL, & PLAN IN LIFE. Well i am very sure that you all know mine. I am stil just taking this step 1 day at a time, that is all you can do. But I am sure that 1 of these days that I will be able to achieve all of them. With the Grace of God I know that they all will be answered. THANKYOU, FROM YOUR BIG FAN & FRIEND marilynh89

  2. maricel says:

    hello to every one i am thankful for this day god gave me to open mine and my childrens eyes i am at the very bottom with my two lil boy 2yrs and five month year old we dont have our home we once had that i got through the shelter for doing good doing all my chores attending my meeting and got my house but people took advantage of me and they still do till this day don’t appreciate anything i do i am so sad of feeling like everyday i am trying to survive with my kids in this dumb apartment filled with these ungrateful men around me and my kids i wish i had my own again i got evicted i could not get an appeal i tried so hard to help everybody but nobody helps me get by but the old great almighty god who gives me the opportunity to open my eyes thank you god so much please send these angels that help people from everywhere especially times like these life is not easy being a single mother for two and i am only 21 i dont understand why do people take avantage of you when all u do is give even when you have nothing to give i am depressed i can’t eat i am losing weight everybody knows what i am going through with my kids my mother won’t help me nobody but these guys up here who take me for granted god help me get through these tough hard struggling times please crying……………………….. i just wanna see another day but a better day love maricel garcia come save me.

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Maricel,

      We are very sorry to learn of your current situation. Explaining your present difficulties could not have been easy for you and we appreciate the time you have taken to do so.

      Please keep in mind that each entry received has an equal chance of winning and we never know who our next winner may be, so keep trying!

      And remember, at Publishers Clearing House no purchase is ever necessary to enter or win!

      Best of luck in the sweepstakes!
      Jodi @ PCH

  3. James Elting says:

    I have been a loyal friend and customer with PCH for 33 years. I am still waiting for Dave and the gang to knock on my door.


  5. Well I think that my score will win the PCH SWEEPSTAKES. You see I have a dream,plan & goal, if I win your PCH SWEEPSTAKES, I am going to help Ken pay all the bills, then book a Plane for Florida for the 3 of us, Kenny, Bingo my dog, and of course mesely. Go and LIVE A LIFE OF LUXURY for about 2wks. Come back home, have Kenny sell our double wide trailer and buy a nice big piece of Land, have a 2 story house built to our likings with a 2 car garage. Then I will go and buy horses,cows,billy goats, chickens, roosters,cats,more dogs,and maybe have 2 children, a Boy and a Girl. Now that is living a LIFE OF LUXURY. I would even hire workers to keep our farm on the right track and even hire maids. Well that is my DREAM,PLAN 7 GOAL. THANKYOU YOUR DEAR FRIEND marilynh89

  6. Valenda Johnson says:

    PCH… You are all Q’d up as far as I am concern… off the charts and out of this world… the greatest!

  7. ln11 Lisa eNters says:

    Hi Vickie! Yess, that’s right!
    Can’t win if ya don’t enter:D

  8. ln11 Lisa eNters says:

    Hi:)!! Thanks Deborah!

  9. Emma Gibson says:


  10. Vickie Plasterer says:

    Dear Emma,

    You say you have been entering since January and have not won. Emma, Have you read the sweepstakes rules? Also do you know the ODDS of winning?

    Emma, I have been entering for 39 years and have never won a BIG Sweepstakes, however I have won just browsing at
    ShopandWin.com and By using PCHSearchandWin as my search Engine. Keep the Faith Emma, and try to enjoy the games and the fun of entering.

    You never know who will win. It could be you one day; however you CANNOT WIN if YOU DO NOT ENTER.


    Vickie P
    Markle, IN

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