Prize Patrol Elite Team

Prize Patrol Elite Team

95 thoughts on “Prize Patrol Elite Team”

  1. Debra Payne says:

    Super Prize Giveaway. I’m in it to WIN it!

  2. Pamela Phillips says:

    I ‘am in it to win it

  3. Amanda Collins says:

    Pch Team I have a dream to take care of my Lil boy and my family could I win a big super prize I’m a satay at home mommy and my Lil boy need speech therapy I could us this money for his financial need. You always come to Florida but no one ever wins in our small town in ft.pierce just one I would love to make my Lil boy happy and my super prize dream come true.

  4. I need to win the 10millionfor the future of my family my daughter was told she had cervical cancer my son who is raising 2 boys 4-5 he needs new teeth I’ve really been able to get my kids what they need or my grandchildren

  5. Sandi Murray says:

    Hi PCH
    I’ve received my prize patrol elite seal recipient official communication. I want to confirm my entry to the “superprize” gwy 3080. I want to be the “Special Early Look” winner. I want to claim my $100,000.00 for home improvements gwy 3577. Claim prize giveaways #3726 #2764. I also want to confirm my win for Fully Loaded Ford F150 PCH gwy #3726. I also want to activate my Lifetime Legacy assurance statement of Financial Stability to win!!! Thanks PCH it’s fun just getting to play even if I don’t win. But I sure would love too. God Bless and good luck to everyone!!

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