Prize Patrol Elite Team

Prize Patrol Elite Team

131 thoughts on “Prize Patrol Elite Team”

  1. lottie Sampson says:

    I wanna to win. the enter. For life

  2. Kayla Brosius says:

    I received a seal, I am so excited and really really want to win. I have received several messages staying I’m on my final step but I can never get past the final step. I keep getting suck on the search and win and then get a message saying I have forfeit my chance to win. I don’t want to forfeit any more. I keep trying but I don’t think I’m searching the right topics. Please help!!!!

  3. Donna Bindloss says:

    i am blessed and ready to move forward in a new chapter in my life,and very happy to have pch in my life

  4. bobby brock says:

    i hope my entry is in for the 3080 entry puls the bouses

  5. Harvey says:

    wow I’m ready, get set, knock!

  6. michelle whitehead says:

    I never received an entry like this before I couldn’t imagine all my dreams coming true thank you so much for changing lives sincerely Michelle whitehead.

  7. Kathleen Griffin says:

    Prize Patrol Elite Entry. This is fantastic news. Hope to meet you all soon.

  8. 1porpoise says:

    What an opportunity PCH provides! I cannot be happier to know I am a recipient of a Prize Patrol Elite Team Seal. Thank you PCH elite Danielle Lam, PCH Director and President Dave Sayler, and Todd Sloane who is the initiator of marketing by videography and going to peoples homes with the prizes. This is very special.
    My name is Deborah Therault of the PCH GWY No. 3080 $5,000 a week for life and then a continued prize for someone I have chosen. I would be so pleased to see all of the PCH Team come to my door with the surprise on February 27th, a day before my father’s birthday. May your travels be smooth and come Eastward.

  9. Carla M Antee says:

    Please bring me a blazer with a special badge

  10. Claudia Fiedler says:

    WoW!!! Boy oh boy PCH, thanks for this oppurtunity I feel humbling bless that I recieved a Prize Patrol Elite Team Seal I’m speechless I don’t get speechless. Yes I’d love to claim my confrimed entry and Your Seal next to my name Claudia Fiedler for PCH GWY 3080 week “Forever” after that another payments for a lifetime person of their lifetime plus a bonus of $55,000 cah prize on top of of the “Forever” superPrize on February 27th by January 16 (11:59 PM ET) deadline. Don’t want to miss out. Yes I spend lots of time playing searching with PCH you’ve been a good friend to me wiether you know it or not and I’m known as PCH queen to my friends and proud of it. Alway thanks PCH especially Dave Swaye, Todd Sloane, and Dannielle Lam and always God bless!!!

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