Prize Patrol Elite Team

Prize Patrol Elite Team

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  1. Hello Prize Patrol Team!!!! I am responding to my e-mail Ref# W462016PCH
    Yes, I want to win the Winners Choice # 6900 and grand prize giveaway # 6902 of $55,000.00.
    I am responding before the deadline and would love to see you beautiful people at my door on December 23, 2016

  2. When you give to others it just feels so good..Making people’s dreams come true is so Amazing and that’s what PCH and The Prize Patrol do …I would love to meet you all.I am definitely in it To Win It!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Brenda M says:

    Yes, !!!! I found my elite seal thank you team 6900 GWY SPECIAL EARLY LOOK. I WANT TO WIN,….

  4. Ban Huynh says:

    Since long time ago, I have dreamed I could get a big winner in order that I could perform my project as I want. Taking care of myself, helping family & friends,having enough money for my grand children into the college, “making great charity” (especially in my life) are my childhood dream.” Childhood idea that is performed in the old life is the happiest thing in a person life. I hope my dream soon becomes true. Thank PCH Headquarters, Prize Patrol & every officials in PCH so much!

  5. Maria says:

    Mi numero de lite #26

  6. The prize patrol elite seal means to me a opportunity to enter to win 10 million dollars from giveaway numbers 3080,6900,3600 any other Superprize®bonus giveaway contest if I respond by the deadline and my assigned numbers match the winning numbers drawn I will become a multi-millionaire live on national television with a Big Check hand deliver by the prize patrol elite team Dave Sayer,Todd Sloane,Danielle Lam,and Howie G.Im praying to win a new Lincoln MKZ as well.Thank you again.
    Teresa Johnson

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Teresa, thank you for your interest in our giveaways. We’re thrilled at your enthusiasm and eagerness to win. I would like to remind you that commenting on the PCH Blog will not enter you into any giveaways. Please enter via the link you were provided in the emails you received or you can enter via our website at To see all of your entry options, click here: Good luck to all those who enter!

  7. Mark H Lay says:

    I got elite seal today

  8. Bonnie Roman says:

    Yes I will accept the Elite seal. And I completed the final step

  9. Kendra Harris says:

    I got an elite seal.. here to claim….

  10. Tequila Brown says:

    Hi I’m Tequila I’m here to claim my super prize 😃 come on to Cincinnati Ohio 45211 2992 Woodrow Ave

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