PCHSearch&Win: Use It and You Could Win Prizes!

Do you know how PCHSearch&Win actually works? Well, if you do, kudos for you! And, if you’re too shy to admit you don’t, no worries. That’s what this blog post is all about – PCHSearch&Win explained.

Simply stated:  PCHSearch&Win is a powerful search engine with an exciting twist! You get the opportunity to win great prizes instantly just for doing something you already do – searching the internet. Here’s how it works: 

  1.  Enter your search in any PCHSearch&Win search box and click the search button. 
  2. Each search (up to 25 per day!) is a chance to win any of the PCHSearch&Win prizes instantly. New prizes are announced on the site every day!  
  3. If your search is a winner, you’ll see a page informing you of this instead of your search results. Then, just tell us where to send your prize. It’s that simple!

Keep in mind that PCHSearch&Win is used just like other search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Whatever you’re searching for is completely up to you! So if you want to find out more about a particular topic of interest to you or simply ask a question, PCHSearch&Win is pleased to be your search engine of choice. Of course, the best part of your searching is that you get the chance to win prizes right on the spot! Plus, your first daily search automatically enters you for great Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes prizes.

If you’re like me, I’m always searching for information during the day. It could be something as simple as how to properly water plants or finding out about a particular holiday’s origins. Whatever you’re searching for, why not use PCHSearch&Win…it just makes sense!

Remember to make PCHSearch&Win (search.pch.com) your homepage. That way you’ll always have fast, easy access to search results, and maybe you’ll win some instant prizes, too!

Please let us know if this post was helpful to you, if you have any of your own search tips for other PCHSearch&Win users or simply just say, “Hi!”  We’re always happy when you stop by our Fan page on Facebook, too!

The “Prize” Queen

373 thoughts on “PCHSearch&Win: Use It and You Could Win Prizes!”

  1. Roy Twyman says:

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    Thank you have a great day

  2. LOIS LESTER says:

    I am still hoping and praying that my name or number will be drawn. I have so many needs for this money. I would like to win any of the bigger wins, but the $5,000 a week forever would be wonderfuld

  3. hello pch and yes i would like to win 75,000.00 cash plus 5,000.00 a week for life

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  5. Yusuf Nasir says:

    Dear PCHSearch&Win thank you
    I Am Ready,Willing and able to Win Eligibility for 3 Prizes Access opportunity $5,000.00 A Week Forever on February 26th from PCH GWY NO.4900
    Plus $1,000.00 to be Awarded in My Local TV.Area from PCH GWY NO.5035 and Ten $25.00 Walmart Gift Cards
    thank you Very Much
    Best Regards Yusuf Nasir

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