LuEsther Mertz

LuEsther Mertz

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  1. Markenley JeanGilles says:

    R.I.P Her Never forgotten 1905 to 1991 I was just Born before she dead R.I.P forever and I will never quit playing PCH because I am on it To win and this is the Best thing you a Create for us. r.i.p

  2. Linda says:

    she was blessed and she blessed, and is still blessing all of us.. what an angel, a true angel

  3. Linda says:

    I lost my dear mom just a few years ago, she was crossing a street coming back from the grocery store.. she was 69 and I miss her each and every moment of my life, oldest of 7 , I feel blessed each and everyday.. lost my job in april,lost my sister the april before this one to cancer.. and lost my dad several years ago to cancer.. stand up to cancer sutc… we are all a huge family, I believe on this planet.. we are all together in a dream.. and dreams come true..I believe in miracles.. and will never give up.. never stop trying.. as we all have so many things to do..and I believe it will all come into place.. hopefully soon.. believe.. believe… believe..

  4. Linda says:

    Such an angel, to do all the things she has done, and continues to do for many, many many, people God Bless And Prayers For Everyone

  5. Dante Wright says:


  6. Dante Wright says:


  7. Heather Fontanella says:

    She is lovely in this picture. Based on her career choice and charitable nature, one may assume she was passionate about words. Words can change lives. May her spirit live forever!

  8. DeLayne Perry says:

    My mother passed away at 86 also…

    1. Heather Fontanella says:

      My mom passed at 65 from cancer just before my birthday in 2010. I celebrate her as well as me on my day with quiet reflection of our time shared and happy memories. I empathize. May time be kind.

  9. corey eason says:

    May her good luck and graces be passed on to me lord knows I’m on ssi with children and I have Bsd lungs and my children have disabilities as well my god bless Pch and whom ever you blessed as well

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