Real Instant Win Prize Winners from Publishers Clearing House

PCHSearch&Win hears you! We know there are some skeptics out there actually wondering, “Are there real PCH instant win prize winners out there? Does anyone actually win all these great prizes?” Well, yes, they do!
A quick, easy way to satisfy your curiosity about this, or anything else for that matter, is to simply visit

PCHSearch&Win at and search your question. You’ll see a lot of Publishers Clearing House (PCH) winners pop up with associated links to information about them. And, I’ll tell you a secret – okay, it’s not really a secret! – you can also visit our sister PCHSearch&Win blog at (, where you can read more information about many of our PCHSearch&Win winners.

So, here goes: You asked for it and we’re giving it to you! And, yes, they really do exist. Introducing some instant win prize winners…

George Dunn of Jasper, IN won $1,000.00 on PCHSearch&Win! George likes to use PCHSearch&Win “a pretty good number of times” during the day. Looks like it really paid off! He says that his win, “helped me to believe that there are actually some chances to win after all.” Yes, there are – up to 25 a day for instant win opportunities! George also said, “I still don’t know of anyone who has ever won a million dollars.” See, he’s just as skeptical as some other people. So, in response to this, it’s an honor to introduce Karen Anderson, a Publishers Clearing House $1 MILLION Sweepstakes Winner from Giveaway No. 1830.

Karen kept the faith that she would eventually win even though she said upon winning, “… hope springs eternal and I kept sending in my (PCH sweepstakes) entries and hoping and hoping!” Lo and behold, it really paid off! It could for you, too! You can read more about Karen Anderson and her BIG PCH Sweepstakes Giveaway win here.

Other lucky PCHSearch&Win winners include: Barnes Keller of Palm Beach, FL, who won $400.00 and James Artis, Jr., of Franklin, VA, with a $25.00 win. James couldn’t have been happier, using his instant win prize to “reduce the cost of an oil change and state inspection.” He was so happy about it that he sent us a “thank you” card saying so.

Now that you know that we really do have instant win prize winners – lots of them! — you could become one, too. Just remember to use PCHSearch&Win for all your online search needs — it works exactly like Google or Yahoo. The difference is that you could win instant win prizes just from searching. For even better ease of use, make your homepage. We look forward to hearing if you win something, too. As always, your thoughts and comments mean so much to us. Why not leave a comment below or visit our Fan page on Facebook!

Here’s to winning and to our winners!

Leslie Jaye
PCH Creative

109 thoughts on “Real Instant Win Prize Winners from Publishers Clearing House”

  1. Carla M Antee says:

    Hi I would love to win instantly

  2. jane says:

    Just because you write peoples names and say they won doesn’t mean they won. I still think it is a scam!

  3. Darlene Stroud says:

    I have been playing everyday for awhile and haven’t won anything. But it’s just luck if you can win. I’m just not having any good luck, so I think it’s time to give up, everyone saying I don’t have a chance and I’m starting to believe them . But with the Good Lord I will make it by my self . Enjoyed playing.

  4. alma says:

    I spent so much hours playing pch game and never win anything. for the last 2 years i accumulate 10 million points but never win nothing. everyday I spend 3 hours to enter my entry. I am not sure if this sweepstakes are valid??? I received Activation code and follow the instruction but not able to access thats the reason why I am having doubt.

  5. carolinejinks says:

    YES PCH I want to win the 40,000.00 from gwy no 3726 and also 1,000,000.00 from gwy no 4950 AND 20,000.00 FROM GWY NO 4650

  6. PCH SweepStakes Entry! PCH Casting For Cash! WIN Up To $40,000.00! From PCH GWY.NO. 3726! D.M.

  7. I want to win $25,000.00 cash on GWY 3726 from PCH Dec16 this win would come in handy

  8. Kay Arai says:

    I want to win and Claim $25,000.00 Cash reward From Pch Gwy.No.3726! This reward would be very very nice!!

  9. hello pch and yes i would like to 7,000.00 a we for life plus 2 million cash plus 50,000.00 bonus cash

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