PCHTV: More winning moments than reality TV!

Lucky winning moments at PCHTV.COM are our own version of reality TV!

If you’re a reality TV show junkie like me, you’ve been hooked to the tube for the past few weeks, agonizing over which hopefuls make it to the top spots on your favorite shows. American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and The Biggest Loser are my guilty pleasures, and with the finales upon us, my excitement is at its peak. Sure the singing, dancing and weight-loss are fun to watch, but the biggest thrill for me is always the winning moment. The look on the winners’ faces as they realize their lives are changed forever, well it’s just priceless.

Do you know where else you can watch exciting winning moments — 24 hours a day, 7 days week? PCHTV – that’s where! You’ll see the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol track down dozens of huge sweepstakes cash prize winners all over the country. And because we never tell our prize winners we’re coming, there’s no telling what’s going to happen. But believe me, the reactions never disappoint!

Winning Moment PCH TV

Just take a look our own “Miracle in Michigan,” as the famous PCH Prize Patrol knocks on the door of the newest Publishers Clearing House cash prize winner in Grand Ledge!

Or watch the lucky winning moment of Veronica Trombino as she gets the surprise of her life: our $10,000.00 St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes cash prize!
And because there’s nothing we enjoy more than making folks like you Sweepstakes cash prize winners, at PCHTV you can watch – then win! That’s right, besides watching the lucky winning moments, you can even enter to win our huge Sweepstakes cash prizes, including the big $10 Million! And did I mention, it’s all ABSOLUTELY FREE?

So come on, put aside that TV remote control and log onto PCHTV. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…and you might just get a winning moment of your own!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative Department


297 thoughts on “PCHTV: More winning moments than reality TV!”

  1. Debbie Corley says:

    PCH 6900,6950 win it all MY WINING MOMENT

  2. Lisa Ammons says:

    Yes I would love to win the PCH 7000, 00 a week for life PCH entry April 29, 2016 my life is Is on a journey and looking for a A day without struggling though that I am grateful for every day and I just went to help my family friends and myself sincerely

  3. Elizabeth K Baer says:

    I’d love to win the super prize! PCH makes dreams come true. You’re welcome to come to my house with the $7,000.00 a week forever!! I’m in need to help my daughter and my 9 grandchildren move from Wisconsin to TN. They will need a house, a job for my son-in-law and my grandkids need help. Please come PCH!!

  4. Boyd driggers says:

    Pch confirmed my entry prizes6900for tv big check winner from pch prizes patrol.hope to see u in canton ohio on 29of April thank god bless u pch prizes patrol.

  5. Ashley Steffen says:

    Just read clue #3 and now im thinking I might not be wlinning today. Im so sad but Ill try to stay optimistic!!!

  6. Mary Mathis says:

    I would love to see PCH prize patrol roll up in Canton looking for me.

  7. Adam says:

    In it to win it

  8. Teresa Johnsoni says:

    Pchtv more winning moment then reality TV enter to win a prize patrol visit knock on my door winning moment tax free miracle.

  9. Jadwiga T. says:

    Yes I have dream and I want to win 5,000 a week “Forever” on Feb.26.2016

  10. lottie sampson says:

    Yes I want to win 5,000,00 forever and on tv talk about how happy I’m to be a winner on pch 2.26.2016

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