PCHTV: More winning moments than reality TV!

Lucky winning moments at PCHTV.COM are our own version of reality TV!

If you’re a reality TV show junkie like me, you’ve been hooked to the tube for the past few weeks, agonizing over which hopefuls make it to the top spots on your favorite shows. American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and The Biggest Loser are my guilty pleasures, and with the finales upon us, my excitement is at its peak. Sure the singing, dancing and weight-loss are fun to watch, but the biggest thrill for me is always the winning moment. The look on the winners’ faces as they realize their lives are changed forever, well it’s just priceless.

Do you know where else you can watch exciting winning moments — 24 hours a day, 7 days week? PCHTV – that’s where! You’ll see the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol track down dozens of huge sweepstakes cash prize winners all over the country. And because we never tell our prize winners we’re coming, there’s no telling what’s going to happen. But believe me, the reactions never disappoint!

Winning Moment PCH TV

Just take a look our own “Miracle in Michigan,” as the famous PCH Prize Patrol knocks on the door of the newest Publishers Clearing House cash prize winner in Grand Ledge!

Or watch the lucky winning moment of Veronica Trombino as she gets the surprise of her life: our $10,000.00 St. Patrick’s Day Sweepstakes cash prize!
And because there’s nothing we enjoy more than making folks like you Sweepstakes cash prize winners, at PCHTV you can watch – then win! That’s right, besides watching the lucky winning moments, you can even enter to win our huge Sweepstakes cash prizes, including the big $10 Million! And did I mention, it’s all ABSOLUTELY FREE?

So come on, put aside that TV remote control and log onto PCHTV. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…and you might just get a winning moment of your own!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative Department


306 thoughts on “PCHTV: More winning moments than reality TV!”

  1. Yes I want to be on Pch TV so ready yes I want to win

  2. Joanne Roman says:

    Hello I am still in it to win it all and be set for life to help others from Publishers Clearing House, and I welcome the PRIZE Patrol and a Howie to Albion NY.

  3. Gayle Price says:

    I am logged into Pchtv to win it all and a new car.

  4. Log on to pchtv winning moment and enter to win!

  5. Jasmine White says:

    I’m awaiting my lucky winings for myself to get my family into some better situations and help out others and donate! How amazing it would be to with something! Any and evserything helps!

    I have been a member since 2006 downloads apps playing games and entering everything as often as I can (all day everyday) I have yet to win nothing but thee tokens that are goiven out at the end of each entry and games.

    My time ja long overdue. So PCH here I am awaiting many lucky turn! My family and i have had more than our shared of downs now I just want to be “all the way up” !!!

  6. Win a lucky winning moment at pchtv winner moment commercial as seen on tv.Enter,watch then win I could become the next publishers clearing house next NBC announced winner.

  7. brenda marugg says:

    I m so excited to make it this far, 5,000.00 wk for life special early look sweep, Can’t wait to see who is the next to be on pchtv.” Its going to be me,” Prize Patrol knock at my door……

  8. Connie Adams says:

    I’m ready to win $5000.00 a week for life forever and a new car would be great. Watch on reality ads on TV love it could greatly use this gift.

  9. David Waldrop says:

    I do hope that I am on Publishers Clearing House TV.

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