PCHSearchandWin – Kick Off the Summer with Great Prizes!

Summer’s here! Woo Hoo! So, let’s celebrate with some exciting prize opportunities at PCHSearchandWin. Today, with your first search, you’ll receive 3 entries for a $500.00 prize to be given away as part of PCH’s Summer Kick Off Event (Gwy. No 1818); on Sunday, with a search, you’ll receive an entry for a PCH $100,000.00 Every Week for a Year SuperPrize! And, yes, you read that right! On Monday, with your first search, you’ll get an entry for a $1,000.00 A Week for Life SuperPrize!! Now that’s what I call Kicking off the Summer in Style! Wait, there’s more! Also on Monday, searchers have the opportunity to win a Nook Color WiFi eReader, and on Tuesday, there will be a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes!

Ooh, it’s getting really nice outside! And, Publishers Clearing House wants you to enjoy every relaxing minute of it. What better way to kick back and enjoy the great outdoors than with the Nook Color WiFi eReader – that’s right. On Monday, a lucky PCHSearchandWin searcher could win this fabulous prize. But, wait, there’s more…On Tuesday, PCHSearchandWin will have a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes! That’s right, you read correctly – Cash!

So what do you have to do to have a chance to win the Nook Color WiFi eReader or the cash or be entered into  any of the amazing PCH giveaways mentioned in the beginning of this post? Search! Search! Search! PCHSearchandWin is a powerful search engine that works exactly like Google or Yahoo. The difference is that searchers could win prizes instantly and receive entries into BIG PCH Giveaways! It’s outstanding – really – try it out now and see for yourself. You can search for anything you want. How about searching to get information on the Nook Color WiFi eReader – that way if you’re the lucky searcher who wins it, you’ll know all about it ahead of time. Don’t forget to go back to PCHSearchandWin on Tuesday because there will be a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes! And, make sure to make pch.search.com your home page. This way you’ll always have fast, easy access to searching – plus, the chances to win prizes instantly! So, keep searching, searching, searching.

Oh, before I forget…PCHSearchandWin is also there for you when you’re on the go! So this summer – or anytime – when you’re out and about, you can access PCHSearchandWin on your mobile devices. Now you’ll always be able to search anywhere, anytime for whatever you need. Even better – you won’t miss out on the opportunity to win prizes instantly!

PCH wants to know how you’ll be celebrating summer. Please leave your comments below and let us know. If you win the Nook Color WiFi eReader on Monday or you’re one of the lucky winners of cash on Tuesday, please let us know. Remember to stop by our Fan page on Facebook and say, “Hi!” We always enjoy hearing from you!

Happy Summer Kick Off!,

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

137 thoughts on “PCHSearchandWin – Kick Off the Summer with Great Prizes!”

  1. Huguette says:

    PCH I was VIP before I was completely erased……….Hope that I am back ……..may Have lost a lot !!

  2. Activo y reclamo los siguientes premios $10, 000.00 todas las semanas de por vida; $10 millones; $7,000.00 todas las semanas de por vida y por ultimo (6085) que otorga la cantidad de $100,000.00. Espero poder ganar alguno de estos premios.

  3. Kristi Burkhalter says:

    Pchsearch&win I want to kickoff my summer winning

  4. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Helloooooo Publishers Clearing House!
    Oh Yes I helpful I could win the opportunities of a $100,000.00 Customer Loyalty Prize from PCH Gwy.No.6633 !

    Also, be eligible to win our $5,000.00 A Week For Life SuperPrize from PCH Gwy.No.6900. ThankYou Mr.Maryann Carter

  5. reilly says:

    I have truley enjoyed playing games and being a winner is fun and exciting!!!! Im a worldley earth angel that wants to tell the rest of pch players good luck and best wishes around the world!!!!

  6. Karen Wise says:

    I love to win one of the prizes every 15 minutes !

  7. yes I would like a chance to win every 15 min. please and thank you.

  8. Karen Wise says:

    I am çlaiming my every 15 minutes sweepstakes ! I sure would love to win !

  9. Leah Arellano says:

    i wish i am the lucky one for this summer prize wow, i cant wait to see sooner that i see my name on the list of the winner and pc congratulate me wow i really can imagine like that, omg, God is good and im still waiting to call my name that i am a winner , thank you pch im always excited

  10. House Winner Revealed TV Campaign Winner 100,000,00 A Year Gwy No 1818

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