Free Game Cards and Instant Daily Winners at PCH Lotto!

Scratch off lotto tickets meet your match: Free game cards and instant Daily Winners at PCH Lotto!

Everyone in my family loves scratch off lotto tickets. We all get them for one another for any special event — birthdays, graduations, congratulations — and sometimes “just because”. There’s something so exciting about scratching them off and finding out instantly if you’re a winner. Except of course, when you haven’t won. Then it can feel like a waste of money.

That’s why I love PCH Lotto. It has all the fun and excitement of scratch off lotto tickets, but it’s absolutely free to play! And did I mention, there are instant daily winners? Of course, I’m ineligible to win as a PCH employee, but that doesn’t stop me from getting in on the fun!

Here’s how it works. At PCH Lotto, there are 4 exciting free game cards to choose from, and you get to pick your numbers for each. How cool is that? My personal favorite is the PCHSuperCard Jackpot because you can win $1.25 Million! I also love this month’s new Home Improvement Funds Special Event Card where a $1,000.00 cash winner is guaranteed! Who couldn’t use cash towards home additions?

But it gets better! As soon as you play one of the free game cards at PCH Lotto, you can get an entry for our big SuperPrize. That’s right, I mean $5,000.00 A Week For Life! After you play all 4 free game cards, you get a chance to play the Instant Win card. Right now the Instant Win card is Fish For Cash. Scratch it off and you’ll find out instantly if you’re a winner!

And it gets even better! After you play the Instant Win card, you can get another SuperPrize entry, this time for the big $10 Million SuperPrize.

WOW! 4 free game cards, 2 entries into big SuperPrizes, 1 Instant Win card and instant daily winners – what’s not to love about PCH Lotto? And did I mention the free game cards are updated every month?

So next time, save your money and skip the scratch off lotto tickets. Check out the free game cards at PCH Lotto instead!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative

174 thoughts on “Free Game Cards and Instant Daily Winners at PCH Lotto!”

  1. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH i wanna Win Free Games and Lotto, plus im entering and registering Scratch-Off Cards to.Win $1,000.00 Cash Prize for Dec. 16th, gwy no. 3148…. Pls activate i truly want to Win, thnx Pauline…..

  2. pauline mcpherson-thomas says:

    PCH pls activate and register All my Scratch-Off Cards, for $1,000.00 on Dec.16th, gwy no. 3148, i wanna wanna Winnnnnnnnnnn, thnx Pauline

  3. Sandra Rosner says:

    PCH, I love entering all the sweepstakes and games that you are making available to fans, but my greatest love is for you for you to stop with your propaganda about how fans can win BIG Prizes and lots of money like $5,000.00 A WEEK “FOREVER”. I have been buying your products for more than 15 years now, submitting sweepstakes entries for more than 20years by mail and electronic entries, but yet I still waiting to see the Prize Patrol show up at my door. PCH, all that I can say is you only give gamers empty hopes by saying good job after we spend hours on your site. PCH I strongly believe that you can do better for your devoted gamers. I am still waiting to se my name posted as a super prize winner soon from PCH.

  4. Gwen Catlett says:

    I’m beginning to think this site is just a BIG SCAM!!!

  5. nicona says:

    Im trying to play and win I can’t win nothing ima keep trying

  6. Everything is exciting,however, ive yet to win a dime and my wife is beginning to get upset with me for being on the computer after work till bedtime, and with that said I just want to say that I do enjoy all the games but it is becoming ridiculous that as many as ive played you would think i could have won at least something, not just a chance to win on a drawing. Greg

  7. Benjamin Al-shami says:

    I also love the Publishers Clearing House Lotto its the most enjoyable time of everyday for me,the games are awesome and full of dramatic tension especially for me cause I have never won anything in my life although I stay positive and keep the faith I pray I win one of those big prizes one day, and I encourage everyone who has not tried Publishers Clearing House games and fun to sign up and start having some!!

  8. WOW yes i want to and need to win it all

  9. Robin Victor says:

    I need coustmer service to contact me. PCHFastlotto is ripping me off. I canceled the Fastlotto subscription 6 months ago. And they continue to steal $15.00 a month from my credit card. I want my money back, or I will sue .

  10. Robin Victor says:

    I have canceled my subscription to PCHFastlotto. I do use it , never did. And for 6 months you have been taking 15.00 a month from my credit card. If I don’t receive my money back and this action stopped I am going to sue this company. When I cancel something I expect it to be stopped. You may contact me if you you have any questions.

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