An Instant Win June Prizefest at PCHSearchandWin!

It’s a virtual Instant Win Prizefest this June at PCHSearchandWin!

Have we got instant prizes for you – just for searching! I’m so excited to tell you all about this – and I can’t even win anything because I work here! But, you could! Okay, okay…here’s the scoop…

PCHSearchandWin instant win prizes for June include:  winners every 5 minutes – that’s right! — you read correctly — every 5 minutes!, $500.00 cash to pay your bills, $100.00 Apple gift cards, a Dell laptop, an iPod Nano,  $100.00 Amazon gift cards, $100.00 Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards,  a $500.00 Travelocity gift card and so many more instant win cash prizes that I couldn’t even mention them all here if I tried. See, I told you, June is a virtual PCHSearchandWin prizefest!

So exactly what do you have to do for a chance to win one of these fantastic instant win PCHSearchandWin prizes? Search! Search! Search! Every single day! It’s that simple. Seriously. Just go to – even better, make it your homepage – and start searching. It works just like Google or Yahoo. The difference is that you could win prizes instantly just from searching. You can’t beat that! And, even if you won’t be around much this June…don’t worry! PCHSearchandWin is there for you wherever you go! Simply access our powerful search engine on your mobile devices – it’s fast, easy, convenient and you won’t miss out on each day’s chances to win some of the spectacular prizes mentioned above.

Since I’m very happy that each and every one of you has chances to win when you search with PCHSearchandWin, here’s what I’m going to do. Every Monday during the month of June, I’m going to tell you more about the prizes you could win during that week! Of course, I’m sure you’re using PCHSearchandWin every time you search anyway! So, without further delay… During the first few days of June here are some of the prizes you could win instantly on PCHSearchandWin: there will be an instant win prize winner every 5 minutes, $500.00 cash to pay your bills, $1000.00 fast cash, plus a whole lot more!

Good Luck to everyone! Make sure to search, search, search on And, remember to check the PCHSearchandWin blog post ( every Monday in June for more PCHSearchandWin prize info for the week. Please let us know if you win anything. I must confess my favorite prize is the $500.00 Travelocity gift card – I can’t wait to see who wins that one! Tell me if you do! You could leave your comments below or visit PCHSearchandWin Fan page on Facebook.

Happy Prizefest!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

49 thoughts on “An Instant Win June Prizefest at PCHSearchandWin!”

  1. I want to win too this will mean so much to me GWY 3080 $ 5,000.00 forever life prize

  2. Eloise Kuni says:

    I won $100.00 on that instant win game and thought it was just a “fluke” but it happened. I’ve never ever won anything and was quit surprise. When I did receive that check I simply said “WOW” it is true you can win instantly. Thank you so much PCH for that chance. That’s my true survey answer because I didn’t believe it actually happened. Thanks again PCH.

  3. tina esquibell says:

    I can’t wait until June, I know I got to win as much as I’ve been searching.

  4. Traci says:

    add your comment here

  5. Gail Timm says:

    Boy, how I would love to win a $500.00 to pay my bils, or a $100.00 Apple gift card, or a $100.00 Amazon gift cards. I hope that I’m the next winner of one of these.

  6. Maria Rosales says:

    May the best man win!!! Good luck to us all. Only the lord knows. I know I need the money many sick people in my life right now(family) Not a good year in our life’s right now ,but God knows who needs it more. In the name of Jesus name.

  7. Sharon Lage says:

    I am hoping to win

  8. sharon says:

    I am smile,,every day hopeing win,,,

  9. Brenda Lanza says:

    Show me the money

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