PCH Celebrates Father’s Day!

Hurry! There’s not much time left. Go to PCH’s ShopandWin for that last minute gift. Why? Because it’s Father’s Day! We won’t tell your Dad if you forgot, but at the very least, give him a card or a call. But, whatever you choose to do today, I’m sure your Father will appreciate it. Dads are good that way!

As we all know, it’s not the gift that counts, it’s the thought. But, as far as gifts go, it’s kind of easy to figure out what the most popular Father’s Day gifts are – electronics, tools and, yup, you know it, the tie! Ah, the tie. I’d say that between my sister and me, we must have given my Dad around 100 neckties over the years. And, we’re not talking just for Father’s Day here. But, with every gift of the long, dead-giveaway box, my Dad always loved each one. (Some of them were really cool, too.) And, as a person who had to actually wear a tie to work each day, they did come in quite handy for him.

Although ties are a practical gift, I can now look back and say that my sister and I weren’t very creative when it came to gift giving. However, you’ll be happy to know that we did switch over to electronic devices and country -music CDs for my Dad – boy, was he happy about that! Probably not too creative either, but he loved ‘em! This leads me to a question for all of you Fathers out there today:  What’s the worst gift you ever received for Father’s Day? Or if you’re one of the lucky few, what’s the best Father’s Day gift you ever received?

Feel free to leave your stories in the comments section below and maybe, we’ll use your response in a future PCHblog post. I’m sure most of you have some funny answers to the questions. And, we’re looking forward to reading them! While you’re at it, why not take a browse around shopandwin.com – it’s a great place to look for gifts.

And, here’s a secret – well, not really – if you go to pch.com you could register and enter for $10,000,000.00 – that’s right – Ten Million Dollars! Just think about the fantastic gift you could give your Dad (or yourself) for next year’s Father’s Day! And…no more ties…yay!

So, from all of us at Publishers Clearing House we wish all the Dad’s out there an extremely happy, healthy Father’s Day! It’s your day, so celebrate!

Enjoy today (and every day),

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

13 thoughts on “PCH Celebrates Father’s Day!”

  1. Benjamin Herrera says:

    Everybody always wins but me ….I have no luck. Congrats people.

  2. P Keel says:

    Sorry for your loss. My Dad is still with us. Maybe you can bring him some balloons to his grave like PCH might bring to your door someday. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the FATHER’S here and gone.

  3. Diana Hanlon says:

    My husband is so happy he is going to get fry dough for breakfest that is his favorit, he get’s it every farther day and now he is going to have Lasagna for dinner today he so happy all he has to do is sit back a relxe watch tv but I could not give him a new recliner maybe I will win pch soon I hope.

  4. patricia cox says:

    wish all Dad`s have a very bless, & Happy Father`s Day .

  5. Mary Hill says:

    Mary Hill June 18 at 9:47am I WOULD be shopping for him all day long, and I NO HE WILL ENJOY THAT LOVE mARY.

  6. Charles Burke says:

    just one win

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Hi Charles,

      Please keep in mind that our mailings are opportunities for a chance to win, and provide clear information that the recipient has not yet won any prize, must enter by the deadline, and must be chosen to win. In order to win an entry must be selected by random drawing or match the winning number selected. Please remember that while we receive entries from all across the land only one individual can actually win each giveaway.

      Please be assured, if you are one of our lucky winners you will definitely be notified. If you are picked as a winner of a prize of $10,000 or more, you will be notified in person by the Prize Patrol. Prizes of under $10,000 are notified by certified mail or by courier. These awards are done as soon as all winning entries and prizes are matched. Our most recent winners can be found on the top of our web site on the scrolling bar and under the “Winners Circle” link. You may also view some of our winning moments at: http://www.pchtv.com.

      And remember, a purchase is never necessary to enter or win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

      Best of luck in the sweepstakes!
      Jodi @ PCH

  7. Curtis Martin says:


    You’re a Winner, Curtis Martin!
    Click below to claim your Instant Prize of:
    $10 Shop & WIn Gift Card

    1. PCH Customer Service PCH Customer Service says:

      Congratulations again, Curtis!

      Have a great day!
      Jodi @ PCH

  8. Curtis Martin says:

    Well, the only good thing I can say of my “donor” is thank you for your contribution.

    Since a child I always said I was going to be a far better father to my kids then my father was to me. I live that promise everyday being a single parent to my ‘Autistic Like’ son. Even though it takes awhile for him to catch on to things, he’s the smartest kid in the 1st grade of his school. In fact, since his school is closing up, he is the only student from the whole school who will be sent to a school for the gifted. I am so proud of my son and I couldn’t imagine a day without him.

    Daddy Loves You Treveon. Always And Forever.

  9. Have a Wonderful Father’s Day All at PCH.com

  10. useme gail block says:

    I would be shopping for him but the only thing i can get is flowers. He passed away back in 1998 of cancer so flowers is what it will be. Maybe he is looking down and this will be my year with pch

    1. Well gail lucky you to be able to leave flower for your dad and be able to visit his place at peace but I unfortunely can’t my daddy pass and my brother and I took his ashes to rest up towards the mountain spot where he used to go to wash his feet yet I forgot where that spot was and now the only memory I have of him is in my heart and his picture where I only can do is say a prayer for him and cry to myself wishing he was here and when I get a chance for a few cents to complete &1.08 get a candle to lit

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