Furry Friends Of The Prize Patrol

As you may know, I am a true animal lover.  When I arrive at PCH winner’s house in my Prize Patrol uniform with BIG check in hand and I hear barking through the door I get so excited!  I have been honored to meet such wonderful PCH Sweepstakes winners during my time on the Prize Patrol, and all their furry companions as well!  We always take the time to share the stories of our human winners, but I think it’s time to give our PCH furry friends a moment in the spotlight too!  Check out this video of all the adorable animals I have met on my Prize Patrol travels:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tujAWTDJ214

Jeff Jones and Jinji French had a house full of excited dogs barking away the day Jeff won $100,000 in October 2010.  The Jones’ pets were even caught playing around during their winning moment.  Below are pictures of Harley the Pug, and Pumpkin and Ginger the Shiba Inu’s  (a true hit with PCH fans).  Jeff and Jinji must have also bought lots of dog treats with their sweepstakes winnings… Harley has gotten so big since we first met him!

Harley Before:

Harley now:

Pumpkin and Ginger:

Trudy Dinkins who won $15,000 in November of 2010 shared her entire winning moment experience with her dog. The dog was so well prepared, she even posed for pictures!

I was enthusiastically greeted by the adorable dogs of Lou and Ann Lacerra the day they won the $10,000 Thanksgiving prize in 2010.  The entire winning moment footage has the adorable background music of the barking dogs!   It sounded like they were just as excited as Lou and Ann!

Karen Anderson, the $1 Million winner from February 2011, also shares my love for animals.  She exclaims in her winning moment footage that she plans on using her new found money to “get that Chihuahua I’ve wanted!”  Well, I recently spoke with Karen who told me an amazing story.  A local resident showed up on her doorstep just two days after the Prize Patrol was there….with a Chihuahua puppy in hand just for Karen!  This kind hearted woman saw Karen’s winning moment on the local news and decided to make Karen’s dream for a new pet come true… coincidentally she breeds Chihuahua’s.  Isn’t that amazing!   Join me in welcoming Karen’s new addition … Nicki!

I hope you all have enjoyed hearing about the furry friends the PCH Prize Patrol has made along the way.  They have all truly brought a smile to my face, and now I’m sure they have for you too.  Don’t miss your opportunity to enter the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes.  Simply go to pch.com to join, and you never know, the Prize Patrol may be showing up at your door next!

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Elite – and my dogs Juliet and Grizzly (dressed up for my wedding):

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raimy losada said...

is so nice the dogs my daughter love it and I too, when i have one my daughter and i care the dog very much bath he/her with your shampoo,buy his/her towel,take his/her food ,etc is nice truly.
your friend forever raimy and family Iam waiting for your soon

Mattie Howard said...

Awwwwwww so cute all of them..(:

Curtis Martin said...

Aw Danielle, that video brought tears to my eyes thinking about my Black Labrador, Shadow. I miss him so much. I would love to get another one but my Landlady don’t allow dogs. As soon as I find out where my job is going to place me, I’m going to move because my son wants another dog too.

Valenda Johnson said...

I love animals (dogs especially, too) my last dog passed away… hoping to buy a new one with prize winnings from PCH! I miss you “Pepe”

Charlene Wilcox said...

I have no fur but I know I’m a friend too .Have a Wonderful Day Publishers Clearing House.I’m hoping and praying to be a Winner One Day.

Lauralee Hensley said...

Cute dog pictures. We have dogs here too. A big Belgium Malinois (pronounced Mal-in-wa) and a Minature Pinscher.
I’d have to get them out the back door though if you came to my house. The Min Pin tries to nip if he doesn’t know you very, very well.
The Belgium Malinois is a guard dog and if there was a lot of excitement going on, try to get between us as a protective action.
So, I’d probably come out the garage door to greet the PCH Prize Patrol Team if they came to my house, because that way I could get outside without the dogs.
If my little Lily Dog were still alive, I could have brought her outside, because she loved everybody and really loved being petted. Yet, sadly she went to doggie heaven a few years back.
So, now it’s just the boy dogs.
I still think they’d be happy to see you come to my house though, because they’d be bought lots of fun toys and treats.

Louise Pavlusky said...

That is so sweet you can come visit us you will get a big Hello from Miss katie she is our Chocolate Lab she is a big baby she will have her ball in her mouth and her tail will be wiggling she will jsut want you to toss her ball and you will be her best friend. Ya see we lost her best friend last year he was 14 and a Lab he was our baby we rescued Miss Katie and now she runs the house we just live her she is the owner lol. Well hope to see you some day its wonderful to know that you folks love the furry critters too. Have a blessed day and safe travels.

Rhonda Mueller-Warrant said...

Of course I didn’t waste a minute. When my sister, Karen Anderson told me that her new dog Nicki was on the internet I had to take a look. But here’s my question. What kind of dogs are the two that belong to Danille Lam? They reesemble my Cairn terrier, Maggie, so I couldn’t help but wonder. Thanks Danille for spotlighting the creatures who bring us so much joy. Rhonda, Corvallis, Oregon

Cindy Bonneau said...

Danielle~Thank you so very much for posting that Karen Anderson did get her Chihuahua and that she named it Nicki and someone was kind of enough to give her the dog too! WOW! What a wonderful story..
Glad I only had to wait 4 months to hear the end of Karen’s story. I am so happy that everything worked out so well for her! Thanks to you, Natalie B., Dave and Todd and of course Publisher’s Clearing House. And especially the woman that gave Karen the dog!! –Brings tears to your eyes, ey?*smile*

hector said...

hay is cu my favorite animal

leslie houston said...

Sorry, i don’t have any pets at my home but i do love dogs and birds are my favorite.

Maureen Sousa said...

Hi Danielle,
I am ALSO an animal lover trying to do things to help whenever I can with the local animal shelters & I thank you for all these photos of previous prize winners additional family members.. they are ALL so cute..!!!

I wish I knew how to post a pic of my two dearest friends here on pch blog.. but I still do not not know how to post pictures that great on ANY site… I do have my two as my facebook profile pic..
I have 7 year old Havanese… Cozmo & recently just adopted Daisy Mae ( poodle mix?)who we think is 3 years old.

I just LOVE seeing all these adorable dogs & I am so glad that Karen has found her forever furry friend Nicki also!!!

I could not live happily without my animal friends in my life..I have had them & lost them along the way & felt the pain from that but I still have to have them here with me..

I hope that soon you may come knocking at my door to meet my 3 lovely kids..

THey may bark at 1st as if they may want to devour you… but rest assured.. they… especially Daisy is ALL talk… & will welcome you in once she knows all is safe.. ( Cozmo NEVER barked until she came into out lives)

( she came from a hard past.. a hoarding situation & still has a way to go )

Oh but also you may come across Bailey the cat!! but he will only nip at you if he does not get his treats…

Thanks for the great post & wish there were ways that we could post our friends also..

My Cozmo almost looks just like Trudie’s dog only a shorter cut..

I watched her video & told Cozsmo there was his brother!!!

Thanks again for a great blog..


Marilyn Hadey said...

Miss Danielle Lam when & if you ever come to my house you have my permission to take as many pictures as you would like of BINGO

Marilyn Hadey said...

Bingo is a Black Lab & she will be 13yrs old on 11/13 of this year, which was also my mothers birthday. When my mother was alive I would buy 1 cake with just cream in the middle,1/2 for my mother & the other 1/2 for BINGO. Like I always say SHE IS A LICKY POOH. Wait until you meet her she will LOVE YOU

zulima fajardo said...

beautiful dogs..i’m a dog lover too.i have 2 yorkshire,ivette and bridgette.they will be 15 years old next month.if danielle bring my check she will adore my dogs..

Kalyn Schofield said...

Aww….such a cute story. Don’t worry I have two dogs that you can meet when you come visit me!

Deborah Holland said...

The pets of Publishers Clearing House prize winners are “doggone” lucky! :)
Deborah @ PCH

gail block said...

As u can see my dog is sleeping just dreaming of u at the door with a check in hand to hand over to him winning on july 15 2011 come on wake my sleeping beauty

Lisa eNters said...

Hi, thanks for sharing Danielle!
I’m still getting over how adorable all of those pics are:)
not sure if u can see my photo here of my sweet tweety? His name is Puto.
entering, hopes of being able to assist some precious animals in need as well.

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Elite said...

Hi everyone! You all so much for sharing your comments, it was such a pleasure reading all of them! To answer a few questions, my two dogs are Grizzly and Juliet. Grizzly (the groom) is a Shih Tzu/Cairn Terrier mix and he will be 3 in October. Juliet (the bride) is a yorkie who is almost 5. Many of you shared stories of a pet who has passed and I truly feel for you. I too lost a beloved pet about 2 years ago. His name was Snowflake and he was a Bichon who lived to 17 years old! I miss him terribly :(. Thanks again everyone and have a great day!

Delayne Perry said...

Hi Danielle! cute write up~ I love my dogs but they need attention. (long story) :’( I am going to post a couple of pictures of them with my granddaughter, Charley. The lab is Sable Chocolate and the muttie is Sandy Vanilla. The pics are from 2005. Wish we could grow grass in the back yard for them at this house. Hard to keep them clean cuz of the dirt/dust up here. They no longer come in the house. Wish I could build them their own little castles… not sure what I am going to do about Sable… (stopping here)

Jorge Ramirez said...

cute little doggies! :]


yes this 2 my solf heart will go out 4 my love 4 animals an wildlife 2

Sonya Brown said...

Everyone needs a furry friend! Everyone is a winner at PCH!

Edwin Dent said...

My rescue pet choose me!