Caribbean Vacation

Caribbean Vacation

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  2. Edwin Dent says:

    A fan here!

  3. As Abbe Says On *August 25th; She And Kayla Are Winners..
    Carolyn Says She Would Love A Vacation; See Paradise On Earth With Her Husband.
    Now Sistar Terri Writes The Words From My Wishing Heart And Thought!
    My Daughters Name Is Abbe.. My Jewels & Dear Friend Kayla.. My Husband Brian Now Resides With Baby Carolyn In Greenwood Cemetery With The BRIDGES Over View.
    Brian G. Tallman
    August 25, 1960 ~ December 21, 2004

  4. TERRI COCHRAN says:

    add your comment here cant wait 2 go on a vacation trying 2 be excited but wont ! 4 seeing is believeing AN n 1 post how did u say show me the money yes SHOW ME THE MONEY THEN I CAN BE EXCITED 4 REAL CAISE SHOW ME THE MONEY IS SOMETHING 2 SEE AN SOMETHING 2 FEEL SEEING IS BELIEVEING AN THATS 4 REAL !

  5. carolyn gavin says:

    I would like for me and my husband to take this lookes like a beautiful place..this could be our paradise here on earth.

  6. abbie says:

    Abbi e and kayla we are winners were going to the bahamas on a cruise

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