D Holland PCH

D Holland PCH

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  1. Got all opportunities to win hope all my entries.were in the timly.response,got a pch prize disbursement account 0087704 is that my superprize number? Take care Ms Holland!!!!

  2. again i dont no what going onsound like someone is bad

  3. Joe Reichard says:

    I love how much all these people have in common, the main one being they hope by posting their son story that it will affect the outcome of PCH’s drawing. Notice there are some who spend what little extra money they have in merchandise? Again, they’re hoping it helps PCH pick them. I know that the way to being picked is to do exactly what the entry forms tell you. If it says “print” then print in CAPITOL LETTERS! If it says “sign” then sign using your legal signature. If it says anything other than “sign” then print.
    Make sure your number is in the window of the envelope!
    It still amazes me how many people are hoping to win to get themselves out of bad situations. Aren’t we all!! I’m disabled, out of work with no future in working due to the pain I’m in 24/7! Trying to save our home, wanting to do more for those less fortunate. Wishing I had more to give our church. Wanting to help my children get out from under huge loans they took to go to school so they could land those high paying jobs at the local grocery store or down at Mickey D’s!! Nothing like having your hamberger prepared by a college graduate with aN MBA!! (You know they’ll get your order right the first time!!).
    The best thing one can do is to pray for others. Because there will always be someone worse off than you.
    Entering the PCH’s sweepstakes is better than trying to win the lottery! One: it doesn’t take ANY money to get the mailers. And B) it only costs the price of a stamp! And sometimes PCH pays for that!!

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