Behind The Scenes at PCH Headquarters – PCH Pep!

Being a member of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite team gives me the unique opportunity to share my experiences on the road through the PCH Blog and my PCH Facebook page.  On the day of the big PCH Sweepstakes giveaway, I make sure to post clues about where in the country we are and then share details of how the big surprise went in real time through facebook! From the feedback I receive from my facebook friends, I believe people truly enjoy hearing about these “behind the scenes” PCH stories.  Well, I thought I’d take some time to share another behind the scenes story directly from the PCH headquarters in Port Washington, NY.

Many people have commented on what an exciting job I have and ask me if it is just as much fun IN the PCH office as it is out on the road…and I always say…YES!  A perfect example of this excitement is an event we recently had here at PCH Headquarters called “PCH Pep.”  PCH now has bicycles at the office available for employees to ride on site when they feel like getting out on a beautiful day!

What better way to show off these new PCH Pep bikes than to have the PCH Prize Patrol team present them to the company by riding the bikes, while wearing PCH Prize Patrol jackets!  Company employees thought they were all meeting on the front lawn to enjoy freshly made fruit smoothies to promote a healthy lifestyle…little did they know there was going to be even more than just delicious smoothies!  But PCH employees were in for another big surprise.  Not only were there going to be two bikes at headquarters for employees to ride, but Todd of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite team was going to randomly select an employee to WIN one of the bikes pictured below!

I hope you have enjoyed this behind the scenes look at PCH headquarters employees.  We try to incorporate some fun in our day, and hopefully you do too by entering the PCH Sweepstakes!  Just click to enter at We won’t be riding these cool bikes, but you never know, we could show up at your door in the PCH Prize Patrol van with flowers, balloons, champagne…and of course that BIG PCH check! Best of luck in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes everyone!

Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite


John K, Matt K & Danielle L (me)

Me, Danielle Lam..and yes, I did ride the bike in my heels!


Todd Announcing the Winner


PCH Employees enjoying fruit smoothies on the front lawn

55 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes at PCH Headquarters – PCH Pep!”

  1. Peter says:

    I will be just so happy winn somethink is my birthday but it is not just about my birthday too much bed thinks going on Iam after surgery and after surgery doctor say’d no more work so Iam on dissabillity but I lost case so no income for 2-years now we have only time to october 22 live the house we lose the house after 12 years becose I can’t help my wife with money plus my wife still paying my emergency bills no place where to go yet and no money plus like i say’d my birthday is coming .
    So I realy pray for anythink even small think will help .I don’t have to be milionar what I asking is back my live and help my wonderfull wife with money .She spend all savings money for my health she deserve some help specialy I can’t help her the all.
    Thanks PCH for hope .

  2. Barbara says:

    I think that each person of the prize patrol deserves more than a bike , not saying it isn’t a nice gift but look at all the happiness you bring to so many there’s no words for that ! You bring so much to people who have nothing, who live from day to day wondering how their going to make it another day , people that have lost their homes due to cost of living or cause they became disabled like myself you are a life saver in more ways than you will ever kno ! God bless each and everyone of you !

  3. Robbin Perry says:

    I, Robbin Perry is claiming the 2 million+ $10,000.00 a month + a new car. 3080. I want to win. 3600.

  4. barbarahelton says:


  5. nathaniel mabry says:

    add your comment here

  6. Swayzene Talley says:

    I hope to see you this Wednesday and thst I am the winner.

  7. Theresa C. Lassiter says:

    I’ve tried commenting to a few of these and they did not attach. I hope you get this.

    Love seeing these photos.

    Theresa C. Lassiter

  8. Hi I just seen ya entry w/ the bikes (SMILEY FACE) & hope fully if you ever come to East Lansing MI & see Ethel M you have the van back, because its still pretty cold in MI & that goes for the shoe’s to (SMILEY FACE) Ethel M

  9. DeLayne Perry says:

    SO awesome… dressing casual and everyone socializing over smoothies and creating lasting friendships! I would NEVER quit a job like that. I’ve never been fired and I don’t believe it would happen there either… sheesh. How sweet it is!

  10. I like the bikes which one is faster the Corp gathering look amazing.

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