PCHlotto – $5,000.00 Worth of Instant Win Prizes Available This Month!

PCHlotto wants this to be your winning inning! And, the bases are loaded so you better get to PCHlotto.com now! Get this – when you play all 5 PCHlotto cards, you could win cash and prizes instantly with this month’s Bases Loaded Scratch Card! $5,000.00 in instant win prizes are scheduled to be awarded by August 1st. Plus, total prizes available are over $1,266,100.00!! I’m totally speechless – well, not really – I have so much more to tell you!!

Now’s your chance to hit a home run with PCHlotto!  Did you know that you can play PCHlotto every single day! Well, you can! And if you do already, more power to you – and hopefully, more cash, too! But, if you’re new to PCHlotto here’s a pitcher’s mound full of info you should know: Using lotto-style cards, PCHlotto lets you pick your own numbers or we can choose them for you with a quick pick. With each game play, you’ll be entered into daily drawings to win mega cash prizes. After you play the daily pick quick cards, you’ll get a chance to win instant cash and prizes with our fun scratch card! And, there’s more – a whole lot more! When you play your first game card on PCHlotto, you’ll get an entry for the $5,000.00 A Week for Life SuperPrize Event from Publishers Clearing House (Giveaway No. 1400). Wow! $5,000.00 A Week for Life! Absolutely incredible! Imagine winning that this August!! Talk about a home run!!

This month on PCHlotto, when you play all 5 PCHlotto cards – including the $1.25 MILLION Grand Slam JACKPOT and the limited-time $1,000.00 Summer Pitch Cash Event card, you’ll receive the Bases Loaded Scratch Card opportunity! So, let’s make sure we’re all clear on this – you have the opportunity to win $1.25 MILLION in our daily drawing, plus $1,000.00 on August 15th, plus instant win prizes, plus $5,000.00 A Week For Life on August 31st!! Yes, this is one jaw-dropping opportunity, team. So, take the ball and run with it!! Start playing PCHlotto today and every day!

Oh, you’ll have to excuse me – with all of this unbelievable prize opportunity talk – I forgot to tell you that PCHlotto is always FREE to play. Seriously, it doesn’t cost anything! And, look at all the money you could win – life-changing PCH SuperPrize money! Score!!!

So, enough reading, let’s start playing! After you finish your PCHlotto cards, come back here and let us know how much you enjoyed PCHlotto and if you won any instant win prizes! Remember, you can always take a time-out with the PCH Fan page on Facebook, too!

Here’s to all you boys and girls of summer!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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  2. carolinejinks says:

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  4. carolinejinks says:

    yes PCH I am searching to win the 5,000.00 instantly cash prize

  5. I hope I have won instant money

  6. Bring it on, appreciating it all, sure I want to win, let’s keep or heads up, look forward to what comes next in today’s world, do want it takes. Thank you all.

    Bruce Hoekstra, 4:26 P M

  7. Yes I would love to win and take a vacation with for 8 years I have been battle 4 cancers and I am in remission so I would like to take a long vacation thank you

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