Hovercrafts and Jetpacks in Prize Patrol Future?

Will hovercrafts and jetpacks transport the Prize Patrol to a winner’s door in the future to deliver $5000 Every Week For Life starting on August 31st?  Yes!…well at least that is what one of our rejected TV commercials attempted to portray as it was vying for an on-air position in this season’s TV campaign.

We were extremely excited about the PCH $5000 Every Week For Life SuperPrize and tried to think of new ways to tell people about it through creating innovative commercials.  The current PCH TV ads you may have seen recently feature the song “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang playing in the background during the winning moments we all love to see – from the knocking on the door to the jumping up and down with joy.

What you won’t find on TV however are the rejected TV commercials the taped that are NOT running on air.  One such spot used a humorous dramatization to explain that the Prize PatrolWin For Life SuperPrize really pays off…year…after year…every year for life!  Really!  What better way to illustrate that fact other than to show the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol delivering the $5000 Weekly BIG Checks year after year…into the future!

When the wardrobe stylist called me to prepare for this commercial shoot I almost dropped the phone…I said…“Wait, did you say a silver space suit?”  Oh yes, a silver space suit it was.  In 5 inch heels, a silver jump suit and a jet pack, I needed to run to the door carrying flowers (take, after take, after take).  But not only did the Prize Patrol run to the door, we drove a hovercraft and flew in on a spaceship too (well, using special effects of course)!  Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and I got to watch ourselves transform into the future Prize Patrol using futuristic wigs, makeup, costumes and props! It was a little bit embarrassing at first, but definitely turned into a lot of fun.  Good thing we all have a great sense of humor!

Our management thought the ad did describe the enduring quality of our $5000 A Week For Life SuperPrize in an entertaining way, but they wondered if it might be too “way out” for our audience.  So it, along with another spot that had us singing and dancing in front of a giant screen, didn’t make it on the air.  But, dear fans and blog readers, we would really like to know what YOU think about these rejected TV commercials!

Go to the PCH Facebook page to see these unaired commercials and “vote” for your favorite TV commercial.  The “Singing and Dancing” spot was posted yesterday and the second “Future Prize Patrol” spot will be posted midday today. Voting polls will open after 3:00 pm EST today, Monday, 7/18.  Your opinion really matters to us…and you never know…your insight may bring one of these unaired spots to TV screens across the nation one day!

Watch out George and Judy Jetson, Dave Sayer and Danielle Lam may give you some serious competition if this hovercraft, jetpack and space suit commercial ever makes it on the air!   For now, this is Danielle Lam signing off…but I may see you again one day…delivering $5,000 Every Week For Life in the fuuuttuuurreeeee!

Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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