PCHTV.com – PCH Prize Patrol In Action – Seeing Is Believing!

Want to go on the road with the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol? I know I would. What a truly amazing experience that would be! Well, since you and I really can’t do that, here’s the next best thing! Visit PCHTV.com and you’ll see the famous Prize Patrol in action. And, as we know, seeing is believing!

At PCHTV.com, it is so exciting to watch videos because it’s as if you’re right there along with the Prize Patrol, awarding huge amounts of money to all of the PCH sweepstakes winners. It’s so much fun to see the winners’ faces in awe, surprise and shock when they spot the Prize Patrol at their door. See, people like you really do win! And, you could, too!

PCHTV.com also makes it easy and convenient to enter a sweepstakes right from the site. All you have to do is click the “Enter Now” button and fill out an entry form. If you visit today, you’ll see a $10 Million Entry Form. That’s correct – you read it right — TEN MILLION DOLLARS! Amazing…imagine the Prize Patrol knocking on your door with that awe-inspiring prize. It could happen! Then — guess what — you would also be featured on PCHTV.com.

As always, Publishers Clearing House gives you many ways to win prizes and cash, plus a whole lot more! So after visitingPCHTV.com, you can connect to PCHlotto, PCHSearchandWin and PCHgames. Simply click on the respective tabs at the top of the page. (There’s also a link to the PCHblog.) PCHlotto lets you play for big cash prizes! You can choose your own numbers on lotto-style cards or we can do it for you with a quick pick. It’s so easy! And, you could even win cash prizes instantly with the instant win scratch card! PCHSearchandWin also offers you the opportunity to win cash and prizes instantly, simply for doing what you do every day…searching the internet! PCHgames has free games for everyone where you can earn tokens to be used for chances to win exciting prizes. Plus, you have the chance to win up to $500.00 instantly each day with the Instant-Spin-to-Win Wheel!

See, I told you there are so many ways you could win with Publishers Clearing House. Make sure you try a few today and every day! Also, remember to stop by the PCH Fan page on Facebook. We always appreciate the visit! Please let me know if you win a prize on any of the PCH sites mentioned above. You can leave your comments below, and maybe we’ll feature them in a future PCHblog post.

Keep believing…

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

P.S. – If you love to win, here’s another shot at winning one of our PCHgames one-day online tournaments. Today, we are holding an online tournament featuring our most popular online game, Mahjongg Dimensions! A cash prize will be awarded to the top three scorers in this online tournament: $1,000, $500, and $250.  The top 25 scorers will receive 1,000 bonus tokens and all players will receive 10x bonus tokens for each game played!  Play now and don’t forget to register at PCHgames.com to bank your hard earned tokens and to have your high scores considered for a cash prize up to $1,000!

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    I would love the opportunity to deliver and see the look on a winner face in the future.

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    Carol Copeland to me was the most happy winner when she got her $10,000 while at work.

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    I want to be a millionaire

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    Love the games! And all the EXTRA qoins…
    & The Multiple X’s to Enter!

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