M Crossan PCH

M Crossan PCH

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  1. adekunmi kokumo-Olusoji says:

    Pch,i would like to activate and claim these access pass prizes.thanks

  2. Lisandra says:

    Como puedo aceder o conocer si gano mi nombres es lisandra fernandez

  3. Leon walker says:

    THIS IS LEON WALKER US ARMY RET YOU PRESENTED A NICE PCH BLOD YOU LOOK VERY NICE ON YOUR PUCTURE. WITH ALL IF TGE HOMELESS BOYS AND YOUNG BIYS GIRLS AND ADULTS. I VOLUNTEER TO COUNCIL AND TRY TO JEEP SHELTER FOR I DONT GET MUCH TIME FOR PICTURES IM 60 years old now and i have been helping yoynf and old people every since I waa twelve years old for the record im the real deal the real prize claim person me LEON WALKER I FIRST STARTED CLAIMING PRIZES IN FEV 26 2015 and have been claiming prizez every since i became really ill from being rob by a bunch of thugs and need a lot of dental work and a operation i cant pay for thats how i started playing pch games and fell in love with them and nomatter what i will always play thwm as long as thay are avilable Im recending im claiming as of feb 3 2015 why do it seem like a few im claiming 4900 prize gwy 5035 gwy 5035 gwy4950gwy 3577 gwy 7025 gwy 4902 gwy 1830 which i claim a long time ago bur was over looked 3147 gwy 3980 giveaway 5000 a week forever 6085&6086gwy final entey ro win forever ti win forever today prize 7263&3816 golden ticket &4652&4688&3726&6085&6900 7000 forever and 4651 major prize asap hand delivered to my front door in arlington rx residence prizs rv area dont my correspondence also no5879 alk my vip staus it loij like a lot dont it well it us a lot only 1/4 of the games i play heres mt final information to ve applied to alk if ny games pkayed and believe im entitled to im using winned number 22444. Ckaim number 1850389654 immient winner on crown complianc iminent wunner section guranteed ti be a winner number 10138211050 offifical certification customer ID number 0078980051 and tv prize area claim by me and claim by every one running for tge same prize untill i have won no less two major prizes delivered my the prize patrol at my door im also claiming any un clain prizes egiable or not also my progress report #C3080 and Audit report T-15and And P512 claim number 10138211050 and audit claim number W-52 and last but first my prize as stated by och official writters published by pch them selves major prize winner dallas fr worrh rv area as part of Gwy 5035 includes walker neibhood worded that was as not to give away details id tge prizes patrol exact location winner late prize

  4. Diana Yankovich says:

    I received the following email on Feb 4Th:
    “You just won US$1,000,000.00 in the Publishers Clearing House in Collaboration with the United State Government.contact xxxxxxxxxxx@outlook.com for more information”
    From: Engelmann, Thomas
    I do not recall when I enter the site last time. Is this a scam? Please answer. Thank you

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Diana, this is a scammer trying to contact you. PCH will NEVER notify a major winner via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask winners to pay to claim their prize. Please take a moment to report this scam by following this link: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. You can see more Safety Tips here: http://bit.ly/PCH-Safety-Tips. Please be careful everyone!

  5. Douglas Black says:

    I claim prize access pass 101 382 11050

  6. am happy play pch,,game among friend hoping iam the one who win.

  7. J.drewgarcia says:

    Confirm ticket pch SW-3605-382-101-2015
    15-4900 W26 W26-05 10/23 7,000 forever prize

  8. I RECEIVED MY letter of content. THANKS PCH. I want to win it all.

  9. Carla M Antee says:

    Stop in and hello

  10. Claim ticket 14s-382-101
    Givaway no 4630
    $3,000,000 and $500.00

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