Facebook Scavenger Hunt – Can YOU Help the Prize Patrol?

Hey PCH fans! The Prize Patrol needs some help and who better to ask than you – PCH fans!

“Like” the Facebook page and you can take part in the Scavenger Hunt! If you visit the PCH Facebook Fan page and click the “Help Prize Patrol” tab on the left of your page, you’ll see that the Prize Patrol is looking for a lucky check. Each week, a Big Check will be hidden on any of Publisher Clearing House’s many websites – Facebook Fan pages, pch.com, PCHSearchandWin, PCH games, maybe even this blog! Every Wednesday, stop by the PCH Facebook Fan page to see the weekly question and a clue.

When you find the Big Check, it will have the answer to the weekly question. For example, if the weekly question is “What is the name of a Prize Patrol member?,” the Big Check will say “Danielle Lam.” Once you’ve found your answer, head back to the Facebook Fan page and enter the answer, your name, and your email.

Now I know that the thought of just helping the Prize Patrol is a prize enough to get our loyal fans to look for Big Checks but there’s another prize as well! Once a week, two lucky searchers who have entered the right answer will win $50.00… just for helping the Prize Patrol! And that’s not it. If you participate for all four weeks and answer all four questions, you’ll be entered to win $500.00! Wow!

The Scavenger Hunt starts tomorrow. So, PCH fans, if you don’t already “Like” the Facebook Fan page, you should do so now! It’s time to get your thinking caps on and your eyes ready to search. Will your Big Check discovery be the lucky check that wins you $50.00 or $500.00? I guess we’ll find out.

Good luck, hunters!

Laura Wolfe

PCH Social Media

29 thoughts on “Facebook Scavenger Hunt – Can YOU Help the Prize Patrol?”

  1. PCH prize patrol elite team I love to be a winner for a special early look

  2. Trudy Lewis says:

    PCH needs to update their blog pages, because obviously this Scavenger Hunt is no longer on their page…so telling people to go hunt their pages for something that’s been over for who knows how long…is messed up!

  3. Win The Bigger Bucks Check tax free

  4. Sandra says:

    I want to help the prize patrol out. In it to win it!!

  5. Sharon Harrington says:

    So many blessings to so many people I believe blessings happen and PCH is that blessing I have never won anything large. With my medical problems and my husband soon to go for a stint in his heart valve, cars that are broke down, and our truck having problems too. I always pray for prosperity to help those who need help and even help those i didn’t know so with this hunt I hope other blessings God blesses this house. But I hope I can find the game.

  6. Robert Luckie says:

    Is it my turn I keep hoping thx a million

  7. Robert Luckie says:

    I could use a little luck right about now . Life has been tough here lately thx for the hope an dreams

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