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I’m not a ninja, but I play one at!

What’s CANDYSTAND?  It’s the fun and rewarding game site that’s now part of Publishers Clearing House’s line up of great properties. The more you play, the more prize tickets you earn … and you can redeem those tickets to enter to win exciting prizes!

I have trouble balancing my checkbook, but when I take control of FINAL NINJA  Takeshi, I’m battling evil doers and collecting riches, while using an array of ninja skills like throwing stars and grappling hooks. FINAL NINJA is the perfect way for me to add some fun to my day!

I quickly found that CANDYSTAND has more than 250 games to choose from, so there’s something for everyone. There’s PRO TOUR GOLF for people who like to hit the links, plus MINI GOLF for people who enjoy the greens (and the occasional windmill). Check out these fun games as well: KINGS IN THE CORNER (a royal card game),the classic MONSTER TRUCKS, ATV RACING, MATCH POINT TENNIS, FREE CELL SOLITAIRE, MAH JONGG, BLACKBEARD’S ASSAULT, and MORE!

There are fun, challenging games for thinkers like ELECTRIC BOX, 3rd ELEMENT, POKER PUZZLER, or the cute and tricky BRIDGECRAFT!

OK – here’s the best part: it’s all free! Really! Just play games, earn tickets, enter to win prizes every month, and never pay a penny! So, if you’re in the mood for some great, free fun, visit CANDYSTAND and get ready to play games and win prizes!

Have fun!

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

13 thoughts on “Play Games on Candystand – Fun, Free, Rewarding”

  1. PCH is bad says:

    They’re all completely inaccessible! You cannot just take over a website and get rid of what they provide. If anyone knows where I can play all of the games I used to, (Spherez, Slipstream, Tower Defense, Electric Box, etc.) please let me know!!

    Also, do a Google search for publishers clearing house SCAM! They’re whole website is one big scam by the way… which is obvious by just looking at it.

  2. geary says:

    I will never use pch games!!!! I need a nother sight that will give me the games I like

  3. Lyd says:

    What happened to Candy Stand??? I tried getting on it and it takes me to a different website.

  4. Don Chavez says:

    Candystand has vanished, why did you close site?

    1. As above says:

      It is a disgrace. How can I get the golf solitaire game back?

    2. KC says:

      Agreed. I try to go to but it redirects to PCH Games. Where did all my Candystand tickets go???

      1. Lyd says:

        What happened to CandyStand??

    3. PCH is bad says:

      that’s what I’d like to know as well!!!!

  5. Candy Carter says:

    Is there a problem with logging on candystand and playing the matchmaker game with the life savers? For a couple of days now, it just seems to lag and freeze up….Please help….shockwave is downloaded and so is adobe… Thank you

  6. tim says:

    Do you really win anything or is it just a scam. Them trying to send lot’s of spam to your email? Have you ever won anything?

  7. hope it is a good setting on here

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