Online Sweepstakes Help to Beat the Heat

Enter the PCH Online Sweepstakes and 5 other fun ways to stay cool and beat the heat while temperatures are rising!

Summer is here, and one thing is certain: it’s hot, hot, hot! Here in Long Island, New York, home of our Prize Patrol and Online Sweepstakes headquarters, the temperatures are rising like crazy. Just last week, the heat index was up to a whopping 115° F! I don’t know about you, but I just can’t handle the heat wave. I’ll be outside for only a minute and already be dripping with sweat! That’s why I prefer to stay cool inside and beat the heat with fun indoor activities.

Now I know you must be thinking…“I can’t possibly watch any more TV” or “why would I ever want to pick up a book?” But I’ve got news for you: there’s so much more to do inside than watching TV or reading a book. And what I’ve got in mind will not only help you beat the heat and stay entertained for hours…it could also lead you to win big money in our Online Sweepstakes!

Ready for it? Drum roll please…Here are my top five ways to have fun and stay cool during this heat wave:

1)     Get gaming at PCH Games! You’ll find arcade games, card games, casino games, social games, sports games, strategy games and more – and did I mention they’re all absolutely free?

2)     Get scratch happy at PCH Lotto! You’ll find awesome scratch cards, including my summer favorite “Beat-the-Heat Riches” – and you guessed it, they’re all absolutely free!

3)     Get connected on the PCH Facebook Fan Page! You’ll find other fabulous PCH fans like you and stay up to date with all the latest Prize Patrol news!

4)     Get searching at PCHSearch&Win! You’ll find everything you need to know on this cool search engine. (Hey, you could even look up the 5-day weather forecast to see if the temperatures are rising even more!)

5)     Get shopping at! You’ll find everything on your wish list – I’m talking jewelry, kitchenware, DVDs and CDs, tools and more – all at big, big savings!

The best part of my top five is that they all give you chances to enter to win big money in our Online Sweepstakes! And what better way is there to stay cool in a heat wave than with a cool blast of cash?

So next time the temperatures are rising, instead of melting away outside, beat the heat with any of our PCH websites! You’ll stay cool, and you could end up winning big money in our Online Sweepstakes!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative



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