With A Big Check For $5000 A Week For Life What Would You Do First?

A Big Check for $5000 A Week For Life from PCH would be a dream come true!

I’m sure you’ve seen me countless times on TV presenting the ceremonial Big Check to lucky Publishers Clearing House winners.  You’ve seen the surprise, the excitement, the ‘hallelujah’s. But 15 or 30 seconds of commercial time rarely allow you to hear what follows the winning moment – like when I pull the smaller but very REAL check from my pocket and hand it over with words like “This check is as good as gold!  You can go to the mall and start shopping tonight!”

I guess that suggestion of hurrying to the mall conjures up thoughts of going crazy with newfound wealth – at which point the winner laughs and says, “WHOA!  I’ve gotta sit down and think about this before I do something like that.”

Of course that’s a good idea.  Before a shopping spree, most people have bills to pay and long-postponed things around the house that they want to take care of.

For such immediate needs a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House — with lots of zeros in it — can be “just what the doctor ordered.”  What a relief to get that stuff – maybe even a medical concern — out of the way!

Once the “top priority” items have been crossed off the list, then it’s time to have some fun –with a trip to the mall, or a trip to the spa, or a trip to see family, or a trip to Europe, or a trip to wherever you want to go.  Or maybe a trip around town in a brand new car will be as far as you care to go.  With a SuperPrize — like $5000 A Week For Life! — that choice would be yours!

So start thinking about what you’d do if our Prize Patrol knocked on your door and presented you with roses, balloons and a Big Check for $5000 A Week For Life – followed by the REAL check!

But “Whoa” again.  First things first.  Have you taken that essential first step to winning?  Have you entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?  Don’t forget, as the saying goes: “You’ve got to be in it to win it.”

Don’t delay.  Enter the PCH Sweepstakes today – and every day from now ’til August 22nd, the deadline for online sweepstakes entry for a chance to win the PCH $5000 A Week For Life SuperPrize.  Go to pch.com to get started on that trip to winning, and let us know what YOU would do first with a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House.

Wishing you the very best of luck!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador



231 thoughts on “With A Big Check For $5000 A Week For Life What Would You Do First?”

  1. carla m Antee says:

    My thoughts are bills and buy my mom a special present 5000.00 FOREVER 3080

  2. carlamantee says:

    Buy a present for my Mom

  3. William says:

    I would absolutely decompress from immediate financial stress and be thankful to my Savior, remain humble and responsible

  4. Tracie says:

    First and foremost I would pay my tithes…then ALL my bills….student loans, taxes, friends, family, I would pay off my son’s education, pay for my daughter to go to school, and for my youngest son to go to school and I would be blessed to be a blessing to those I could help….I would like to start a career coaching business helping people exceed expectations!

  5. Wayne Davis says:

    I would pay off my student loans and other debts, take care of my wife and son, take care of my mom and brothers, take care of my in laws, and make sure the rest of my family was alright financially. Then, I would do amazing things for amazing people. I would help feed, clothe, and shelter the homeless, deserving people in need get to where they need to be financially, and give to charities (autism research, cystic fibrosis research, cancer research, etc.). There is no limit to the things I would do for this world!

  6. Roosevelt Baron says:

    I would help my sibilings get on their feet and then I would help the homeless, broken hearted youth and turn the rest of my life around!!!roo

  7. Telly Jones says:

    I would be more than greatful 4 the chance 2 win do what’s right take good care of my family and my mom and my inlaws as well its just so much we can do with it like starting a family business 2 show the kids how 2 work together and be something that they want 2 be have a better life that I did’t have when I was young thanks.

  8. james bonewits says:

    first then is pay all my bills off then pay my moms bills then get the Lincoln mks. put money into a tech stock. then surprise my son with a car, just to see a smile on his face would be my long goal is to make sure he’s save with all my other memebers of family , so life wouldn’t be to hard. all I can do is hope . a play the game and see.

  9. Gregg Faehnrich says:

    After taxes I would donate to local animal shelters. I don’t need much for myself but it would be nice to get a newer car, as mine is 16 years old. I would move mom out of nursing home and bring her home with around the clock care. I would help two friends that I have met over the last 3 years and have helped me as my Mom has declined with cancer. I would stop social security disability check [heart problems] and let the system help another person in need.

  10. Kdzmw says:

    Maybe I’d finally be able to go back to school get a place and a car finally be self sufficient rather than the screw up my parents swear they had .

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