PCH Fans – Double the Fun With Our PCHsuperfan Program!

November 2, 2015 Update: This SuperFan promotion was a special promotion that was previously offered to consumers and is not currently being offered.  We constantly vary our promotions to bring new and updated excitement for our Facebook Fans, because they’re all Super! To get in on any new Facebook fan promotions, all you have to do is “Like” us on the PCH Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pch and watch for new offers!

PCH friends – I’ve got an important question for you. Would you consider yourself a SUPER FAN of PCH? Do you love all things Publishers Clearing House, read the blogs daily, comment on our Fan page, and enter every contest you can find? Well, if you haven’t already, you should sign up for the PCHsuperfan program on the PCH  Fan page on Facebook. We want to reward you for being such a loyal friend.

“Like” the PCH  Fan page on Facebook and visit the “PCHsuperfan” tab on the left of the page. Then, sign up to be considered a PCHsuperfan. Why? Well, if you’re a PCHsuperfan and you win a PCH prize between $10,000.00 and $1,000,000.00, Publishers Clearing House will automatically double that amount on the spot. That’s right – as a superfan you could end up winning between $20,000.00 and $2,000,000.00! Can you believe that? Double the prize and you can double the fun! If you won twice the amount that you originally entered for, you would have to throw double the size of the party. Or you could pay off double the bills! How about booking two vacations? That major purchase you would make with PCH prize money – say, a car – you could buy two!

Here at PCH, we know our fans are loyal and passionate about our giveaways. We also know that our fans REALLY want to win. That’s why we created our PCHsuperfan program. Our fans deserve the best – and the most – that we can give them. The superfan status is exclusive to our fans so make sure you visit our PCH Fan page on Facebook – and “like” it if you haven’t already – and sign up to be a Super Fan. Stick around the Fan page too, since it is an excellent source of the latest PCH news, contests, and even has some  exclusive contests of its own.

Laura Wolfe

PCH Social Media

1,101 thoughts on “PCH Fans – Double the Fun With Our PCHsuperfan Program!”

  1. PCH SweepStakes Entry! From PCH GWY.NO. 4805 Or 4801! PCH + WIN The $3,000.00 SuperFan Exclusive! D.M.

  2. Natalya Ellis says:

    Thank PCH. Love to be a winner.

  3. judy oglesby says:

    IM a true super fan love the games would love to win

  4. Rocky Smuin says:

    I would be a super fan!

  5. ken cassis says:

    I want to win thanks pch Ken

  6. Will says:

    What happened to the Super Fan Game?

  7. Theresa says:

    Yes I want to win please enter my name and I don’t have facebook but I am a super fan I am having so much fun playing these games

  8. Charles says:

    I am ready to win. (win it all,) upgrade on $11,000 a week for Life, $15,000 a week VIP award for every, $6,000 a week for every upgrade, plus homes & cars, plus dream car, $500,000 a year for every, plus $1 million a year for every,

  9. Maribel Mena says:

    Oh yeah winning double sounds awesome! I’m in it to win it!

  10. Jessica Volpe says:

    I would LOVE to win double the money! More to start my charity with for sick children and their family in need, to donate to research, and to help anyone I meet along the line that could use some help.

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