PCHsuperfan gets twice the payout

197 thoughts on “superfanpayout”

  1. Dale D Parker says:

    I play everyday every nite saying to my self oneday even if it doesn’t come i know god will find a way for my kids my 14 year old son my 2year old shea a sweetheart and my precious new born and my strong beautiful queen my wife that works so hard to help us all the best she can

  2. Dale D Parker says:

    Winning rite now would really help my wife my girls and i not working now ive been hurt going through surgery and the bills just dont stop cominh i just pray every day for god to help us through this

  3. I have played & played and have not won a thing.unfortunately. I must have the worst luck ever.

  4. Kamal says:

    I want win

  5. ricky moser says:

    Im ready for the superfan pay out

  6. I would be very happy to win any of the prizes after entering and playing for so long

    1. Mallonise Scott says:

      Yes it would be awesome

  7. Shewanna Jefferson says:

    Todd i’m a super fan ; a dedicated player on pch games and search& and win. It would be a financial blessing for the Jefferson’s family!

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