PCHsuperfan gets twice the payout

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  1. Becke Rusie says:

    Everyday I’m waiting to see if you guys knock on my door I’m waiting and waiting and I just can’t hardly wait I hope I’m going to be on the list Sunday so I’ll just keep trying and PCH is it only sweepstakes I ever play and I’ve been playing it on and off for probably the last I’d say 25 years so I just can’t hardly wait to guys pick me thank you PCH and God blessp

  2. Dreaming of winning the dream life prize or the million dollars or more.
    I really want to win so bad. So I can pay off my tuition and finish up my degree and pay off our debts and buy our own house.
    PCH I will always be here waiting on you with the colorful balloons and champagne .

    I will never stop playing & dreaming until i win..
    Dream to win
    Believe to Win
    Play to win
    PCH please make my dream come true ^________^

  3. Heidi Kern says:

    Having fun trying to win. : ) Thank you Publishers Clearing House!

  4. debra vaughn says:

    I have been a fan for along time. Everyone tells me I am wasting my time. I even try to win the small things with the tokens and can’t even win there. my husband tells me I won’t either.

    1. Don’t worry have faith. I have been playing for 11 years and that’s how long I have been a fan, and my husband think the same too, but the day I win the big prize he will be eating his words.

  5. Yeah I’m ready to win for life

  6. Cheryl A Jones says:

    I feel it is getting close my “Big Win”.

  7. Carmen says:

    I will play and play some more until it’s my turn to win

  8. Ms Cowatis says:

    It being a long time. Winning is harder then you think, but I’ll never give up good luck everyone.

  9. Chris Dunn says:

    I’m sure having a great time trying to win! THANKS PCH FOR ALL THE ENJOYMENT!

  10. Leo p.Ward says:

    I’ve been trying since 92 and haven’t won nothing yet

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