58 thoughts on “pch_dept_consumer_affairs”

  1. Gigi Y Ball Fed Hyw / NJ says:

    tries to get everyone banned. Nice try. Love, Lynn

  2. Marilyn says:

    Believe threats are illegal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really love the threats from playing games: “Were watching Te” that is now displayed in the top ten high scores (faux) names dated 8-21-16. Didn’t realize pch was do dangerous. Unreal.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like there are now 2 Tricia C playing. Seems someone is trying to get you removed.

  5. tricia c says:

    i am getting harassed on the pch tournament refer to high score fake names on tri peaks rush aug. 21 2016

  6. Lynn A of Ohio says:

    brian o of woodside ny is cheater. he constantly gets exact score of 150,000 at very end of day. Always that exact score and is like double of everyone else and always at the end of day. Ban this man

  7. Faith K says:

    Gabriel N is also a Cheater

  8. Russell Anderson says:

    I am rjanderson51@hotmail.com I’ve ben playing for 5 yrs and have enjoyed playing all of your game. Butt the last few months all I can get is TECHNICAL DIFFICULITIES on most everything…. I’ve replied back with no response from anyone
    I would like someome to look into this issue rom your end. Thanks Russ

  9. Maxine Hupp says:

    I have been in your contests for 10 yrs. You keep saying Ohio and Ohio never sees anything. If I don’t win in april it will be my last time to enter or buy from you because I’m beginning to think its a scam so I might as well spend my money on ohio lottery and won’t have to buy anything.

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