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  1. phillip farris says:

    My superprize numbers were not redeemed properly because pch or Sweepstakes ever advised me to participate in the Sweepstakes emails as well as pch and I want my prize numbers back 5979 , 4900 , 4650 and I want my numbers back I played every pch email y’all sent me I didn’t know I had to redeem them in the Sweepstakes emails or I would have

  2. Dan Hall says:

    You need to up-date your website,or your servers! Error constantly happening. Also website crashed, problem with website reloading. What used to take a half hour now takes at least an hour or more. I have never seen so many problems on a website!!!
    Time for you to upgrade!!

  3. I haven’t received anything but I hoe free games

  4. Bobby Jaeger says:

    Purchased a wireless headser. Recieved various pieces with no instructions. Manufactured in China. No brand name. What a waste. That will be my last
    time to purchase anything from PCH.b-g

  5. Frank Riely says:

    I have been a member/ordering, etc since 2004 (winning NOTHING)… I am now getting notices that I have NOT ordered or ENTERED the past few days and I am not NOT qualified to enter, etc. I have been trying to send emails to Michael Collins, Deborah Holland, etc…..I have been in the hospital and NOT able to enter, etc. When I do get to enter, etc…..it states “BAD ENTRY,ETC. This is ALL I GET FOR BEING A CUSTOMER SINCE 2004. Thanks PCH! Good Luck to ALL of the other people who are “trying” to win something from PCH!

  6. doug kaiser says:

    when playing the Casino Game a scratch card comes up and from day one being on these game the scratch card ALWAYS says NO WINNER…not one time AND the next one comes up with about 6 cards to scratch…it also ALWAYS says NO WINNER. If you cant win ANYTHING on these then why have them to pick on. My score on the games is over 2 million, so I have been playing for a little while….How about an answer?

  7. Loren D herrick,Sr, says:

    I’v been playing the pch games and entering in for a chance to win the 10,ooo.oo a week for life . Iv only ordered just one thing the family handyman book and didn’t order
    the coke cola beer caddy that I found this morning when I looked over my in box. so cancel that order I will buy the handyman book and if I receive a bill it will not be paid at any point.

  8. TONY says:


  9. Daniel Turner says:

    hi I’m daniel turner reno 89
    506 they are in reno Nevada

  10. Mary Loveless says:

    For the past 2 weeks, when I’m playing the $2500 Crown Jewels I get stuck with the “loading black screen and circle” after I play the Pearl Payout. I have left the page up for hours and there is still no forward movement. So I have been playing Tri-peaks, Mahjongg Dimensions and Kritter Kapers in order to win tokens. Can you fix this please?

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