PCH Customer Service

PCH Customer Service

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  1. Randy Henry says:

    cancel both outstanding order. Client number?

  2. Roger Jewell says:

    Dear pch.
    I have done my research and came up with this. you guys are giving a lot of people in a really tough time false hope. I have played and my grandmother God rest her soul played her whole life and even brought books from you guys and never won a thing. your numbers are pre selected, And I have played every game , sweepstakes. and even down loaded asp, and played on Facebook. all I get is sore back ache from playing on phone and computer. to be given more false hope. with letter of intent. and you are in our 2% great way to go top searcher you are one of our most loyal searchers. all more hype and no real win. I started playing because my husband of 27 years had a kidney and liver transplant. and besides medical bills we had other bills as well. I knew it was a pipe dream so I take full responsibility for that one. but you guys really are a joke. you have been sued so many times. and complaint list goes on forever. and yet you find it ok to keep going. While some do win it is far and few between you cant even find out how many actually have won , verse all who play.and your not even on good terms with better business . so I am writing to tell you I, my friends and family well not play any more. and I hope the poor people who are playing do not get burned, for I find life well go on. And I chose another way for help and a living. not on a pipe dream. don’t write , call are text, email. cause I don’t believe in empty air promise.

  3. Jack Spencer says:

    PCH is a total Joke!! BINGO is a scam!!! No such thing as Customer Service, because they could care less!!!

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