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  1. I am getting frustrated I just finished the Slot game the last two popped up error and the my Bonus “Danielle” game said error and played today and I received no points. This is TIME COMSUMING I want my POINTS what can I do?

  2. Hello my Name is Darlene Hill from Cleveland, Ohio Address 15702 Holmes Avenue. I was disappointed because I receive my email late I don’t know it because wher I live or Im not computer savvy! I was hurt because they sent me and email that they would be arriving at my door and I know I sent it on time. Then I’ll send in my information and I’ll put in the correct information and it will come back incorrect like my birth date is 01/14/1960 and it will show 01/01/1960 and that is incorrect. It’s 01/14/1960 or is it to get people to purchase from different website. Yes I would love to win $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” on August 31st 2016 Thank you miss Darlene Hill of Cleveland , Ohio it would be and ” Honor” are your blogs affleated with A T&T.

  3. When Playing The Games For Like .Play Search & Win .Slot Games. Scratch &Win Games To Win Tokens. I Wish You Would Stop Showing The ADS. Or Stop Showing The Commercials . I Want To Get The games Played And Not Wait On The ADS.

  4. I am trying settle my account(16051900019) you shipped an item didn`t not order was returned the same day you keep sending bills to pay. check the account

  5. I just received a notice that the Prize Patrol for PCH needs my directions. I tried everything and foul not contact the, so I wrote one of the blogs for the PCH $7,000 a week for life. It was a part of the information on asking PCH to enter winning number for the PCH $7,000 a week for life prize. I even said to make sure the prize patrol get the directions. They did post it, so that would be very alarming if the didn’t contact someone in the prize patrol.

    I did contact customer service earlier and tried to give them the information, as I have her the information, she interrupted me several times saying that the prize Patel will find me, so knew she wouldn’t pass on the info.

    If you can’t locate the directions I guess someone will have to call me. Please don’t let this info just lay in some file. I know people misunderstand things, but this was impossible.

    Thank you!

    PS. I tried to log in to customer service and they said my email is wrong and possible my password. At this point I have used the same info to log in in several places today and it worked fine. Please contact me at home if you can’t find the paperwork to pass on directions and if there I have to do something with the login.

  6. Thanks for sharing my personal information to your marketing buddies, I SO DO LOVE getting text messages from your business partners *coughSCAMMERS!cough* AT TWO OCLOCK IN THE FRIGGIN MORNING! you guys are a home really…. Seriously…. You are.