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  1. Ordering from you is very deceitful. I ordered the pet removal hair gloves for $11.96. I clicked on free $30.00 gift and shipping and handling was $4.99. Very deceitful advertising. The $30.00 free gift bags I can buy at any dollar store for a total od $3.oo. Then I had to pay $5.99 for shipping on the gloves. Shipping was almost the cost of the item. I paid twice what I thought the bill would be and if something is free you shouldn’t charge shipping as it comes in the same box. Where is my other $27.00 worth of free gifts. This has been nothing but a rip off. Mailed my check today but as I am on a fixed income and sorely disappointed in the sneaky way you offer shipping for $4.99 which I thought was for the order I will never order another thing from you. It ended up costing twice as much as I thought it would.