PCH Customer Service

PCH Customer Service

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  1. VICKI REEVES says:

    I know that nobody from PCH monitors this site, but here is a suggestion. I keep entering the sweepstakes hoping to just maybe win something, but with these comes the request to order, which I have done numerous times, but not any longer because as I stated before the shipping is just too expensive. Now when you offer a free gift if we order 2 or more items, instead why don’t you just offer FREE shipping instead? I would order than, but not when sometimes the shipping is more than the products itself. It would be nice sometime for customers like myself who enjoy the sweepstakes as well as the games, and sometime purchasing items would be offered Free shipping. I am sure you would get more orders if this was offered. Anyway Good Luck to everyone who enters.
    God Bless

  2. VICKI REEVES says:

    Your right, thats what I said in April. I like to order but the shipping is way to much. I won’t be ordering for awhile, especially since I have been paying as required but because I ordered something at a later time, now that bill is late because they keep putting my payments on the older orders and noow they want to charge me a late charge. Anyway they should lower the shipping charges and maybe I will order again.
    God Bless

  3. Maria Flores says:

    I have been playing the chest game but I can’t open any of the chest can someone tell me why

  4. Maria Flores says:

    I been trying to open a chest on one of the games but for some reason I can’t can someone help me

  5. patti williams says:

    your shipping is too expensive I would order but I amnot going to pay that sort of shipping

    1. herman Williams says:

      am only ordering the winning number. I would gladly pay for the shipment of the car if you can help pick the winning number.

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