Will You Become Our Newest Millionaire Winner On August 31st?

Today is the last day to help the Prize Patrol on the PCH Fan page. Enter the answer below!

The Prize Patrol is getting ready to hit the road to make someone – will it be you? – our newest SuperPrize® winner on August 31st!

I’ll let you in on a Publishers Clearing House secret: although the Prize Patrol is excited about the August 31st winning moment, it’s also serious business to them. The Prize Patrol will have their work cut out for them to make sure the August 31st winning moment is as special as possible.

There’ll be champagne, roses and balloons to buy for the new millionaire! Travel arrangements to make. There are local television stations to call … because you know local TV stations will be interested to learn that someone in their viewing area is a new Publishers Clearing House millionaire! Oh, and I shouldn’t forget coordinating the effort to air the exciting winner announcement during NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams! Whew. As you can see, it will take a little work to make the winning moment special for our August 31st SuperPrize® winner! And the Prize Patrol wants to make this a day the August 31st winner will NEVER forget!

Now here’s an exciting question: How would you feel if Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam, along with PCH Goodwill Ambassador and $1,000,000.00 SuperPrize Winner Natalie Brown Bostelman, came knocking on your door this August 31st to hand you the millionaire-making SuperPrize? You might scream with delight. You might dance for joy. You might stand in stunned silence while Dave hands you the “Big Check” and realize your life will never be the same. Well, IT COULD ALL HAPPEN TOYOU!

But while the Prize Patrol is preparing for the August 31st winning moment, here’s what you should be doing. Go to www.pch.com every day to enter for your chance to win! It’s FREE and it just takes a few seconds.

There’s a saying in my family, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” So now’s the time to get to work! Go to www.pch.com to enter every day to get as many chances to win as you can before time runs out. But hurry – we won’t be able to accept entries after August 22nd (11:59 PM, ET).

Enter today and you might just get a knock on your door from Dave, Todd and Danielle this August 31st!

Elliott M.

PCH Creative

233 thoughts on “Will You Become Our Newest Millionaire Winner On August 31st?”

  1. I’m confirming a millionaire opportunity for a special early look February 26th

  2. I’m Gwendolyn Williams waiting to be notified about my winning number 4900 of pch,you can always reach me please reach me?!!!!!

  3. I pray the winning numbers are4900 and4950 please let me be a winner of pch?!!!!

  4. Jewel Thomas says:

    Yes I want to be would loved to be the next millionaire

  5. Hi pch it’s me again sheryl Turner the loser from new Orleans and I have been playing pch since 2913 and I have not won anything so yes I would love to be the next big winner and the first person from new Orleans to win anything from pch.
    Thank You

  6. Pch I want to be the next winner of a millionaire-making superprize. This superprize would a tremendous prize for the entire family. I hope I win

  7. John McNeil says:

    Pch I’m here to win this millionaire prize with my heart and soul pch I think you for the opportunity to pontificate in this game I give it to my high-power god.

  8. John McNeil says:

    I’m in it to win the super prize 10/23 help me out by directing in the right direction to win this prize

  9. Lourdes N. Gutierrez says:

    Gracias PCH por ser parte de mi familia yo quisiera ganar algo porque lo necesito para mi familia y para mi esposo y para mi , pero si no ganará nada soy agradecida y si esta para así sera Amen.Gracias y lindo dia para todos.Mucha suerte para todos y para mi también. Dios los bendiga siempre.

  10. Donna says:

    I hope so I been a very good loyalty person be with the pch family sents 2003 I love playing all the games so I hope I could win the early millionaire on sept 8 Like you always say you have to be in it to win it gwy number 4900 5035 so thank you pch i am in it all the way

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