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Do you love lottery, but hate losing money? PCHlotto has daily PICK QUICK and SCRATCH CARDS ready to play every day — and you’ll never “draw” from your wallet!

Unlike state lotteries, you won’t pay to play at PCHlotto, it’s completely FREE – yet you can still WIN BIG prizes – even a MILLIONAIRE-MAKING JACKPOT – overnight!

Yes, I said it — it costs you ZERO dollars to play, but could win you BIG MONEY daily!

How? There are major prize drawings every night, which means EVERY day is another opportunity to change your life FOREVER with cash and prizes!

Like to win INSTANTLY?

YES! PCHlotto has INSTANT WINNERS every day.  You could win CASH on the spot!

You see, you’ll get at least one INSTANT-WIN scratch card with your daily game play — after you’ve played all your PICK QUICK cards.

Is there a better feeling than scratching to unveil prize amounts and walking away an instant winner — cash in hand? I think not!

How do you play?

Yes, it’s easy! And it’s fun… but most importantly you play from the comfort of your home – no running around (sometimes minutes before a drawing) to buy tickets.

Just go to, pick your card, then select and “SUBMIT” your favorite numbers before 11:59PM, ET, and tomorrow, you could become a big PRIZE winner!

What do you have to lose? Nothing!

GO ahead! “CASH IN” on the fun — visit and test your lucky numbers now!

PCHlotto has so many exciting ways to win HUGE CASH prizes… and it’s easy, fun and FREE!

Have fun!


PCH Creative

P.S. What do you like most about playing the state lottery?

Is it the thrill of picking your numbers? Watching LIVE lottery drawings? The huge CASH rewards?  We’d love to hear from you! Tell us why you love lottery and how you’d spend a big cash prize if you won.

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Parish Mack said...

Will play pch lotto right now! Even though I am at work, I will play on break. I’m in it to win it!!!! I’m going to win $5000 a week for life and maybe even the other oppurtunities as well. I believe it!!!!

    Parish Mack said...

    Never mind, I have to wait until I get off work and go home to play PCH Lotto because its blocked on my job. Once I get home though, it’s game time! :) I’m going to do my daily entry oppurtunities,go on the pch fan page on facebook and see what’s the 411 about everything new (do the HELP PCH ENTRY AND SINCE YOU ONLY ENTER ONCE TO GET CHOSEN AS SUPERFAN WHICH I THINK AND KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE ME!!),PLAY PCH LOTTO, GO TO “SEARCH AND WIN” SEARCH ENGINE, GO ON THIS WEBSITE HERE (PCH BLOG POST) TO SEE WHAT ALL I NEED TO DO,SEE IF IM ELIGIBLE ON PCH SURVEYS, AND SEE IF I CAN WIN ANYTHING THROUGH PCH GAMES. I told you I’m determined to win! I do all of this every day (afternoon or evening). I want to win this $5000 a week for life so I’mma have to work smart. I’m going to stop saying need (even though it this would help me out with my rent and utilities, I can buy a car, and go to college without having to worry about any ANY payments) and say I WANT. Its like a reverse phycology (don’t know if I spelled it right) thing. If you want it, you really saying I want it but I don’t need it. Usually people get what they want when they want it but it don’t matter if they get it or not. If u need it, u will be “thirsty” to get it. That’s when you get your hopes up too high then it will be a lesser chance that you get it because you might do something to mess up the chance of you getting it by being impatient (“thirsty”.)All of you down there at Publsihers Clearing House I want to thank you!!! I know this is a lot of writing but when I want to express how I’m feeling, I write a lot down so so much won’t be on my mind and I can think clear. I will be waiting on August 31st for the check for $5000 a week for life. That will be the best day I ever had since my grandma (R.I.P you were like a mother to me) died. Trust me when I win this, idk i might cry or tears will come down my eyes because I wanted to win this for her. I will cry of joy though because I know she would be happy smiling down at me either I won or not. So much stuff I had/got to go through now. I’m only 18 and I never thought I was going to have my own apartment. Even though that’s a great thing, I have a lot of responsiblities to tend to. Got to pay the bills on time which I’m not going to worry about anymore as long as I do what I got to do to pay them and have faith, HE will work it out! Like I said, I will be waiting for you all (Dave, Todd, and Danielle) to come see me in Savannah Ga and surprise me with the check!!

dwayne garcia dixon said...

i want it to be the winner for today. dwayne dixon can you see to come to the bronx ny

Michael Rolle said...

The results are good when its in your best interest, but for all of us we can’t win if were not playing playing Smart is our best bet! You got to definitely be in it to “WIN IT” Simple as that most people think a lucky windfalls outer the Clear Blue Ski but unfortunately it does not, but I Could say this the harder work at it the luckier you become *RICH And RICH Surprisingly* PCHLotto give you a greater chances at winning Free! And that’s what you Smart playing and Awesome Chances are like I Could Imagine Winning a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes any day?

Valenda Johnson said...

I don’t buy or play the regular lottery… however, with PCH… it’s about the clicking and submitting… I just like to see what numbers come up for me… in hopes for a BIG WIN!!! It’s about the fun of it for me… Thanks and have a great day!

Diana Hanlon said...

I have been playing pchlotto for the past7 months and have not won but this hole week can’t play it wont show me anything can’t play anymore why I feel everything is not working out right but I’am hurting for not winning anything on these game’s :(

Lauralee Hensley said...

Love PCH free lottery type scratch cards.

Snezana Hristov said...

Play PChlotto every day and have not won anything yet. Hope I win. Love PCHlotto

gail block said...

i stop playing awhile ago i never won for everyday i played I plain just got tired of doing everything for months and never winning so i gave up sorry about that

Mariana Torres said...

I like state lotteries because I would like to have the chance of winning a big prize. If I ever win I would like to pay off my debt with the winnings.

Robert Lipsko said...

Everybody have tha dream of winning tha lottery,i have never played tha state lottery u wish my city had 1 i guess thagood thang about tha state lottery is you can by a ticket i guess every week ta see if you won i guess that why people loke it so much

Maureen Sousa said...

Hi Jane,
Your bolg is very good, but it makes it sound like you should be (waiting for the last minute) at home as you may do with the lottery. at times.asmany people do..

If that is the case count me out>>> as there is no way that I can stay up that late to enter my numbers…

I am 62 years old, have a part time job each & every day, but also need my sleep to be able to work the next day.. been there tried that.. just cannot do it.

This might be a better game for those who live on the west coast if waiting to the last minute is the best way to win… There is that 3 hour time zone thing… so no need to stay up till midnight..

I hope ALL the sweepstakes are NOT put to this.(waiting to the last minute). as that would put a lot of diligent & worthy fans out of the running.

My Best,

Michaela said...

YES!, It is a lot of fun playing the PCH lottery! I have a long list of things but I do not think one million dollars would do it but I could get some things done for my family with that money. I know one of the things my family dreams about is going on a trip to the mainland. Anyway good luck to all and have a lot a fun playing PCH lottery!!!

Sawsan Istifan said...

All my Messages that I’ve being leaving them with PCH website is being Deleted is become personal is that mean I’m unwanted or what?if so you will never read from me again be happy.

Brandon Labrecque said...

im beginning to think entering everyday on PCH, PCH lotto, PCH games is all a hoax. Tonight i recieved 14 free spins after plaing slots and conveniently it landed on try again or an entry (to which there is no drawing date?). The actual lotto i have never gotten more than 2 or 3 numbers correct and all the sweeps on regular PCH? come on, no drawing dates in half if them again. and to top it all of I spin the wheel on PCH games and get 50 tokens..EVERY SINGLE TIME…

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Brandon,

    To see the end dates for the Giveaways that you are entering, please see the Sweepstakes Facts which are available with every entry. Winning times are chosen randomly for the PCHSlots spin wheel, and the first person to spin after that time will win a prize. Good luck and don’t give up!

    Victoria At PCH

kim sharrow said...

yes i think it is a scam. funny how when I spin for havenly gates or ect… sometimes i am suppose to get 4 chanes and it only regester 3 or at the end when you spin the wheel if you get your 10 enters and still have 5 spins left everytime it will fall on try again.

tamera stark said...

I cant seem to join i tried signing up but it would not enter my birth month and it says my email address or password is incorrect. Huh??????

scott long said...

On the slots, the wheel, I won dollar figures but nobody contacted me on this. I think that this is a big fake.

Jamie Sharb said...

I enjoy playing the lottery when the jackpot is extremely high. I notice when the jackpot amount is high then stores, gas stations, anywhere you can buy a lottery ticket has a line of people waiting to buy as many as tickets their budget will allow them. I am a dreamer of one day hitting the lottery or now hitting it big on PCH. I dream about how much it would change me and my families lives for a very long time. If I was to win the Ohio Lottery or win big on PCH ($5,000 A Week Forever) I would be able to buy anything I wanted on store shelves and not take a second thought about it. I would be able to take my two boys to Toys R Us and let them fill a whole store cart with anything their little hearts desire. And I would be able to go help family that is struggling with bills or repairs on their homes or help them fix their vehicles so they know they won’t go without a running car. I would buy my husband a semi truck or 2 so he could be home with us and take loads that pay him worth taking and kids and I could ride with him anytime we want to. If I was to win it big with PCHlotto I would go put a offer in on our dream home. And if we didn’t get it then I would have the money to have our dream home built from the ground up and fill it up piece by piece with furniture my family wants money not an issue. I would put money back for my boys to get when they get older for college or to start a business or travel or whatever they want to do with it. I play PCHlotto everyday for the best chance I can get to win big on playing my numbers on PCHlotto. There is a chance I may win a millionaire jackpot from PCHlotto and not Mega millions. Thank you PCH for this chance to win and making playing lotto fun and free! Why I enjoy playing Ohiolottery and Mega Millions because you never know where the winning ticket will be bought and who will be the lucky winner. It is a lot of fun knowing everyone around me is joining in and knowing we all are sitting by the tv waiting on the winning numbers to be picked.

tupu noa said...

How can I play pchlotto scratchers??? I play pch lotto everyday but don’t know how to participate in pchlotto scratchers…pls help

Joyce Petersen said...

I play “lotto” daily, however the last section “CASINO” will always come up with a blank screen. It never lets me continue to complete the game and I end up without an entry. WHY?
Months ago I could complete the game… but no longer.

samo said...

appreciate thanks

Donald Miller said...

I will play pch lotto as often as I can. It’s fun and interesting, watching the coins build up

ester ryan said...

For once I’m my life win something? When I play

Jim said...

I would love to play PCH Lotto and have been until a few days ago when it just stopped working. I can open it but when I click on the button nothing happens. There seems to always be something wrong with PCH every day. I get errors pop ups from Arcade frontier it goes on and on. PCH really needs to get their act together.

Connie Liles said...

I loved playing Lotto, Bingo, and slots, but for some reason, they no longer come to my email. They just stopped. I do not like the scratch offs so well as they take too much time to play. I do the searches everyday day, don’t mind them too much. I just want to know how I can get my slots, lotto, and bingo back without all the scratch offs.


ester ryan said...

I play all the games and I never win especially on the pch lottery

NANCY PACE said...