Here’s Why You MUST Play PCHlotto!

Do you love lottery, but hate losing money? PCHlotto has daily PICK QUICK and SCRATCH CARDS ready to play every day — and you’ll never “draw” from your wallet!

Unlike state lotteries, you won’t pay to play at PCHlotto, it’s completely FREE – yet you can still WIN BIG prizes – even a MILLIONAIRE-MAKING JACKPOT – overnight!

Yes, I said it — it costs you ZERO dollars to play, but could win you BIG MONEY daily!

How? There are major prize drawings every night, which means EVERY day is another opportunity to change your life FOREVER with cash and prizes!

Like to win INSTANTLY?

YES! PCHlotto has INSTANT WINNERS every day.  You could win CASH on the spot!

You see, you’ll get at least one INSTANT-WIN scratch card with your daily game play — after you’ve played all your PICK QUICK cards.

Is there a better feeling than scratching to unveil prize amounts and walking away an instant winner — cash in hand? I think not!

How do you play?

Yes, it’s easy! And it’s fun… but most importantly you play from the comfort of your home – no running around (sometimes minutes before a drawing) to buy tickets.

Just go to, pick your card, then select and “SUBMIT” your favorite numbers before 11:59PM, ET, and tomorrow, you could become a big PRIZE winner!

What do you have to lose? Nothing!

GO ahead! “CASH IN” on the fun — visit and test your lucky numbers now!

PCHlotto has so many exciting ways to win HUGE CASH prizes… and it’s easy, fun and FREE!

Have fun!


PCH Creative

P.S. What do you like most about playing the state lottery?

Is it the thrill of picking your numbers? Watching LIVE lottery drawings? The huge CASH rewards?  We’d love to hear from you! Tell us why you love lottery and how you’d spend a big cash prize if you won.

35 thoughts on “Here’s Why You MUST Play PCHlotto!”

  1. Kent Hutchinson says:

    I’ve been playing PCH off and on since 2004 (but PCH has me playing only since 2008). I recall many years ago honestly expressing (like 10’s of 1,000’s) why “I” needed to win the money. I then realize I sounded like all the other people who had a story why “they” should win the PCH big jack pot – sooo many people with sooo many heart-felt stories (especially those in their 60’s with ailments like myself and older and I thought sooo many people who probably really need the money (including myself) desperately. Then I thought “wow! do I have a chance of really winning?” Then I thought I am probably not the first to think of this and I probably will not be the last. The reality is that not everyone can be a winner even if you’ve never won anything before (myself included) but you just simply believe that maybe just one day PCH will actually choose your unique location giving you the chance to become a PCH winner!!



  2. I have been playing for years, literally and it takes time! I have ordered what I could afford, I am disabled and my husband is a 100% disabled VET. I cannot sit at the computer for more than 15 minutes due to injuries to my back and neck. God knows we need to win, but I can’t spend hours on the computer…… I leave it in Gods hands.

  3. NANCY PACE says:


  4. ester ryan says:

    I play all the games and I never win especially on the pch lottery

  5. Connie Liles says:

    I loved playing Lotto, Bingo, and slots, but for some reason, they no longer come to my email. They just stopped. I do not like the scratch offs so well as they take too much time to play. I do the searches everyday day, don’t mind them too much. I just want to know how I can get my slots, lotto, and bingo back without all the scratch offs.


  6. Jim says:

    I would love to play PCH Lotto and have been until a few days ago when it just stopped working. I can open it but when I click on the button nothing happens. There seems to always be something wrong with PCH every day. I get errors pop ups from Arcade frontier it goes on and on. PCH really needs to get their act together.

  7. ester ryan says:

    For once I’m my life win something? When I play

  8. I will play pch lotto as often as I can. It’s fun and interesting, watching the coins build up

  9. samo says:

    appreciate thanks

  10. Joyce Petersen says:

    I play “lotto” daily, however the last section “CASINO” will always come up with a blank screen. It never lets me continue to complete the game and I end up without an entry. WHY?
    Months ago I could complete the game… but no longer.

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