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  1. Walter Tayor says:

    I have been with pch from 2004 till 2014 and needed the money to pay off bills and have not got even one $1.00 so i beening a child of Christ Jesus i do not belive thay give all that a way for i need to win just as bad as every other person but thay say thy won money but do not say where thay live so you can talk to them to see if thay won that money

    1. ninja says:

      I dont think that they should tell where they live but I honestly think that people the have one the money should be put on a blog so you can ask them a question. Another reason why I think they should not tell you where they live is because a psycho might try to track them down and actually kill them and try to take their money. Oh and by the way learn how to speel because aparently you dont and think before you type. ” your welcome!”

      1. Dayanara says:

        Hi my name is Day and I have a mother and a father and I honestly think that we are kinda going through a rough time. That is how I feel and I would realy hope that we would win 5,000$ a week for life. Sometime I want to get something but as soon as I look at the price tag I dont want to get it any more. I know you might have other people out there how actually want to win( more important people) but I just hope that you could give us the 5,000$ a week for life it would be a dream come true! Thank’s Amanda! Bye :)

  2. Brenda Gibson says:

    Thanks Amanda . Have a blessed day. We love everyone at the pch. Youall make dreams come true and that’s always a good thing. Great job. God bless.

  3. Bernice Misener says:

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