1. mr sayer im broke when do you send my check 907-362-0345 i have bills to fred

  1. rochelle jones says:

    okay I would love to win this we stay for me and my family most of all my grandchildren so if there’s any chance that I can win please help me Merry ChristmasThank You dave for the opportunity anpch yes dave I like your photo I think you are very good look

  2. Jerry Osborne says:

    Dear Sir…
    It has been difficult to keep up with everything that would seal the deal for the best of fate towards myself, and those whom I wish to help.
    I have expressed my appreciation & I find usually late, a special effect that would give me an edge.
    I do not own an I-Phone, in which would increase my budget that an agency has taken hold of to help me keep my credit clean, and pay bills on time.
    Meals on Wheels and More for veterans has blessed me with noon time meals during the week.
    My location is valid, and yet I am in Austin through the HUD-Vash Program, through special advocates that came to Bertram to save my life. I needed to make room for my sister, and that would have been dangerous for me without the funds to repair, and restructure my attempt to build near the gate of my folks property. A RANGER said to follow, and that I have done. Many programs for the helpless, and the homeless are not in the two nearest counties to my residence. The solution was found through first steps.
    The Salvation Army, Caritas, The United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs Heart of Texas, (Whom became my most special Advocate.) There is also a program known as “Green Doors,” whom work hand in hand with these organizations. Central Texas Veteran’s Health Care System, gave me a HUD-VASH Program Case Manager as Social Work Services. My Advocate there has direct contact with the ARMY Ranger, whom is my NETWORK VETERAN ADVOCATE, and is truly one that clearly hears my concerns, and I have given many clue of the special differences that TEXAS has like only one other State among all these United States. A duel justice system, that one must know to get beyond certain barriers.
    I am having Family Eldercare accept my little money the Government Sends towards my disabilities to advocate my payments.
    If I am ever so fortunate to become a winner, I would hope you to visit my mother, and show her miracles do happen, besides these Miracles, I Myself have done on my own, when no one else wished to raise a hand to help me. This location in Austin is no Secret, however… There has been a lot of security and Police nearby, to show their presence. I had been promised a real nice room, like one they had been showing people here for years, and then moved into a horrible spot with many needs. So much to report on a couple of pages to repair, that I was near despair once I came within this unit. A City Inspector came and showed intimidation towards the sweet girl whom gave me an extra seven days to complete the report. Only hours after she had shown kindness, I was accused of putting my hands on a lady worker, scaring her… The RANGER came and asked me about it, I expressed that she was so kind, I was in tears at the door, and she reached out to shake my hand, and had to verily say I wish to shake your hand Mr. Osborne, for we realize the difficulties you are having while adjusting. Two days later my story had been said as I said so to the Ranger. He said it was someone I never met that worked here. A few days later BH Management Services, Inc., sent this complex new management, and I had already contacted the Austin Tenants’ Council.
    A very kind Housing Specialist came, and had been given so many bad directions to find me, she called me directly. In her cause, I would like her to have a much safer vehicle to drive, for I can tell this city is really tapped for the resources that should already be here for them. She has called to inquire if any of the repairs had been done here, and I expressed they possibly would rather me go.
    REPAIRS FOR SAFETY HAVE ALREADY BEGUN for the complex through the new management, and the people that have seen it bad here for at least a few years.
    The letter that gave them seven days to make repairs for my safety reached the management, and myself in COPY.
    This whole side of this complex, not one bathtub drains.
    Black Mold in my place, and most all switches and receptacles broken. The cabinets need total replacements, as the front door too, frame and all.
    The blind broke off on my head too.
    However, this is HEAVEN on EARTH for me in one sense. I am not a burden to my folks with all the people now that are there. I had to train my sister on mother and David’s needs and habits. And they are feeding my cats.
    I need to get my Administrative Powers of this PC I purchased for my mom, so my data will be safe. I would send her another new one if I could, because I am in too much pain to get on line.
    Much less, figuring out all the facets regarding my content, is a great challenge without proper medication. And the Meals on Wheels and More advocates, clearly could see my life had diminished without some of the medication I was cut off from.
    The Police near my College wanted me on the medication, as the State Fire Marshals knew I was good with my observations. It has been hard to express concern to those around my mother and her husband were not all friendly. My comments had my mom get me thrown into a bad Hospital, and then I had been robbed by the Department of Health and Human Services at the time of discharge. Many things came to a head. And the Constable is not going to be in office at the end of July. He had truly been in position giving allowances to the wrong people. And even slandered me in my old American Legion Post to three elderly men when I had been invited back. I can not help but love him, like all those whom have dine me wrong.
    You do have my location in office, and I am on Foursquare, Along with Twitter, and Facebook too.
    Facebook has some really nice people, however, it would be nice to know whom I know that has caused them to punish me, claiming attempting friendships with people I do not know. And how could that be, when they friended me somewhere, and remain in m address books.
    I would not want to close my accounts be cause of one or two people that have not good intent towards me. And I welcome new friendships.
    Love would be an incredible gift. I need Physical Repairs. And these Government programs are not what the people really want or need.
    So much greed in this world, and in our own country.
    I have grant money I can not accept, because it comes from evil sources I am told.
    To bring good to communities with bad money, just gives evil a way in our back door or window. We must be smart, cognitive, moral, respectful, safe, acceptable to new solutions, and avoid bad medications and poison in our foods. Sugar is good, as Salt is good, the substitutes are the real killers.
    Men must have their Coffey reach the highest heat in it’s brewery, so men may avoid prostrate cancer, women have not that same need at the same time. Men and Women have a most different anatomy, in which this had been proven by a Doctor of Japan, way back in the 1960s. Prior to bilateral hernia surgery last year, I picked up an old published book that has answers not given today. It would seem that more profit on disease than in health, like war.
    We must be the peace makers.
    My equity has been taken, and I would not want to behave badly.
    I need a new vehicle, that performs on high fuel.
    Mother called.. got to do my entries. Thank you sir for reading. I am doing fine. And please send those balloons. Smiles from Osborne.

    1. That was the longest blog I ever read! You just beat the Guinness world record for longest blog! It worth a shot to get Dave Sayer to read it all. I sure hope he read my plead for help wining a prize from pch! May Jehovah God help us all… Good luck Jerry

      1. Jerry Don Osborne says:

        Thank you lee for your reply. Many blessings to your needs in life as well. Osborne.

  3. Suzana Ognen says:

    Dear friends,

    I want you at my door with the prize, I am still unemployed and I need it now, Thank you PCH for letting me enter, Love Suzana Ognen

  4. Roma Sue Noffsinger says:

    Good Evening Dave..I have entrying Publisher Clearing House for many year’s now..Playing games and ect..I Pray and Dream of the day, I win that Big,Big Check..I get my Hopes up only to let down every time..What am I doing wrong..I get mail from you,I send it on time with order’s and I’m on line all the time..I just set and wait for that knock on my door..What am I doing wrong..Thank you for lessoning to me go on and on..Have a Nice day..Sue

  5. Harvey Howell says:

    I would really like to win because I have been a giver all my life and would like to contimue to give but, have somethings of my own. I am very sick and am a caregiver for someone else. I have not seen a lot of the world exsept for Vietnam and what a homecoming that was. I appreciate people like you that work had a get sponsers so you can do this. I am on disability or I would be ordering things from ya’ll but, with the economy like it is I have to wathc my pennies.

  6. JERRY OSBORNE says:

    Mr Sayer,
    I can not express enough how kind you all have been towards me these last few seasons.
    I remain hopeful, and shall as always learn to accept life as it is. I may not be the greatest one you have ever encountered in these sweepstakes and games, however… it should be hard to measure one’s worth in some of the most extreme and unusual circumstances.
    my hope is that to whom ever is found to be this season’s champion, shall not be afraid to use the money in great respect for what dreams may be made of outside one’s own personal life.
    I have had plans to do great things in life, and greatness does not come without friendships too. I would do as my Dad suggested for me before he died, discover my room where ever it may be, and make a whole new group of friends, along with whom I have cherished already.
    Kind of hard to see the people you need to see, without an ability to travel. and I gave up the life of a hitch-hiker years ago before the air-force train me to drive.
    May you all be safe wherever you may go. And many blessings to whom are chosen through your great friendships with so many sponsor-ships around this wonderful globe. Peace and prosperity. May you all be blessed, and maybe say a little prayer for me too. Even I do have needs of the humanities. And to me, life is an art. God Bless and forever God’s Speed!

  7. I really. Need to enter. This sweepstakes. Me. And. My family. Needs this opportunity. To Come out of poverty. And help others. Another. Then ourselves and make a difference. Starting in our community. I have disabled. Parent and siblings. Its a struggle. With no job. No. Help I’m tried of putting applications. Waiting nothing that tornado me. Up inside. To see my sick. Mom struggle. I just. Want. To better. My self. For her. And myself I don’t. Know. What. To do so I decided. To enter pch.

  8. Paula Miller says:

    I know that everyone wants to win. Truthfully-who wouldn’t want to. I had breast cancer in December-I have been cancer free for 2 years.But lost my job due to being disability. Hope to see you soon. And I really want to rub my kids nose in this.EVERYONE HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  9. Kathy Smith says:

    I could not begin to explain how it must feel to win, to recieve positive messages such as a chance to win when you least expect it already effects the emotional side and changes the energy, I want to thank the PCH team for all the fantastic literature,coupons,groupons and insights. Win or lose the 1400, I enjoyed the comical side to this….

    I want to congratulate Larry Brown, as I tease befor the big annoucement at times saying; “Ol’ Bad Leroy Brown Has Won from..say Kentucky!

    Thanks again Dave,

    Kathy Smith


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