Win $10,000,000.00 SuperPrize – The Fun is Never Done at PCH

August is ending and you know what that means – change is in the air! Long lazy days outdoors will soon give way to cozy nights curled up inside, away from the cold.

But even as the weather changes, one thing that will never run cold is the excitement we have at Publishers Clearing House – where we love to award life-changing prizes to friends just like you!

The deadline to enter for your chance to win $5,000.00 Every Week For Life on August 31st has passed.

BUT DON’T FRET! Publishers Clearing House has some exciting news to share with you!

Go to and now and you can enter to win a big $10,000,000.00 SuperPrize®.

That’s right! We’ve decided to follow up our August 31st SuperPrize Event with another life-changing opportunity!

The Prize Patrol could show up at your doorstep with champagne, roses, balloons and a “Big Check.” It’s FREE to enter and it only takes a few seconds! Just go to and click “Begin” at the right of the screen. Follow the instructions and be sure to fill out all your Entry Registration Information on the following page.

You can enter today – and every day! That’s right, every single day – because you never know which entry could become a big winner!

Now that you see what it takes, picture what you could do with money like that – $10,000,000.00.  You could fly to that one exotic location you’ve always dreamt of, or you could use it to pay off a stressful mortgage.

How would you feel if the famous Prize Patrol — Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam –came knocking on your door and you were announced Publishers Clearing House’s big multi-millionaire? Would you jump up and down in excitement or would you stand in utter shock? I’d love to see your reaction aired during NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams along with the rest of the country.

But none of this is possible if you don’t enter!

Good Luck

Matt S.

P.S. If I was eligible to win BIG $10,000,000.00 SuperPrize I would buy myself season tickets to all the New York Sports teams. Especially the J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets!

4,300 thoughts on “Win $10,000,000.00 SuperPrize – The Fun is Never Done at PCH”

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